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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone keeping their tea cups back hearing Aastha made the tea for everyone. Balwan says it is good. Janki asks him to be quiet and calls her Bhagwan ke Bhagat. Jaya says she wants to throw tea on Aastha’s face. Janki says lets do it. They get and collide with Gurumaa, tea falls on her stomach. Lakshmi scolds Jaya and Janki for spilling tea on her stomach. Gurumaa goes to washroom and cleans her stomach. Aastha comes there and gives ointment. Gurumaa asks her not to show fake concern. Aastha says she is genuinely worried. Gurumaa says she will apply by herself. Aastha thinks to tell gurumaa to apply it twice. She comes to washroom again, sees the marks on her tummy and goes. Jaya and Janki come to storeroom holding rods and breaks Aastha’s cycle Pinky. Aastha comes there and asks what they are doing with her Pinky. She asks them to leave her Pinky. Lakshmi comes there. Jaya and janki pretend and tell Aastha that they will give her phone number of repair shop and leave.

Lakshmi gives Manali tickets to Aastha and says you can’t win everyone’s heart by making food. She asks her to leave from the city and says you can’t go to Sharda’s house as my daughter stays there and I don’t want her to have any problem. She says Maa Durga stays in Kolkata and that’s why I am giving you Manali tickets. She says I thought you will be fine with the mountains being stone hearted girl. She handovers tickets to Aastha.

Aastha thinks everyone will understand her knowing Gurumaa’s truth. She checks pregnant woman tummy on the internet and sees the stretch marks/scar of C section. Gurumaa thinks of Lakshmi’s words that she can’t understand as she is just gurumaa, but she (Lakshmi) is a mum. She gets a call from Orphanage, the woman asks if Mrs. Sandhya Bhoomi talking and asks Gurumaa to come for the function celebrating 50 years of orphanage. She says we are inviting people whose children stay here or who have taken kids from here. Gurumaa is shocked and says wrong number. Aastha thinks to take Gurumaa to a good doctor. She hears the noise and sees Shiv repairing her cycle. He says he also loves Pinky like her.

Aastha says did you forgive me. Shiv nods and says until when he shall be away from her. He says you have taught me how to live in love, but didn’t teach me how to live without love. He says if I don’t get you then I will die. Aastha says I am yours always. They hug each other. Shiv gets closer to her…A song plays……..janam janam…..He lifts her and makes her sit on Pinky. Aastha smiles. It was Aastha’s imagination. Shiv calls her name and tells that he has repaired her cycle as he brought it from Manali. Aastha thanks him. She thinks to take Gurumaa to doctor. Gurumaa is in shama grah and takes out the suitcase from above the almira. She then cries looking at her sonography report. She gets baby clothes from the luggage suitcase and cries saying I have to go to my child. She goes out of house. Aastha thinks she shall go with her and follows her in another auto.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv asks Jaya if she saw Aastha. Jaya says no. Lakshmi checks the tickets and says Aastha went back as tickets are missing. Shiv says how she can go, she said that she will make everything fine. Lakshmi says they have to celebrate Teej without her.

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