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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Lakshmi that she is wrong and Aastha is innocent. He says you said that you believe on what you saw, so I have seen the truth. He says Aastha is not wrong. He says you said that there is no place for lie, cunningness etc and says Aastha got tears when you have accepted her and made her bahu, and now you are calling her cheater. He says I know well how it feels and says how a bahu can ruin their respect. He says this is the same Aastha who have accepted me with my illness and today also she did this to save our respect. He says Aastha is not wrong, but you all. Aastha gets tears in her eyes. Jaya says you are saying against your mum. Shiv says I will against the world today to support her. Sharda smiles. Lakshmi is angry and upset. Shiv says Aastha is right and you are wrong. He says you says that a husband shall stood by his wife, and today I am doing same thing. I am supporting her as she is right.

Guru maa says you are getting emotional, but truth is truth. All proofs are against Aastha and she is guilty. Shiv says we obey your decision always, but not today. He says even if God comes and says then also I will not agree. He says Aastha must have order flour and says Aastha is right and you are wrong. Lakshmi asks how did that POP reached parlour. Shiv says I don’t know, but one thing is sure that Aastha is innocent. Lakshmi tells that she is not surprise to see him changing after marriage and blames Aastha for coming in between them.

Aastha is standing outside the house and catches drops falling down from the plant. Shiv comes there. Aastha says she couldn’t handle the water drop and also the relations. Shiv says Maa is like this only, and says she don’t want to hear others. Aastha says Maa is Maa and can’t be wrong. She says Maa have a misunderstanding. Shiv says she said so much for you and you are not seeing her mistake. He says he has bear her indifferent behavior since childhood, but can’t her indifferent behavior for her. Aastha says Shiv…..Shv keeps finger on her mouth. Main Tenu Samjhawa plays….Shiv says I will become your voice from today onwards and will be with you. We both will deal with the problems. Aastha looks on.

Govind comes to Lakshmi and says I have never objected to your decision, and says today whatever happened was too much. He says Aastha is our choice and today we have doubted on our decision today. Lakshmi says we did a wrong choice and that girl was wrong. She thought we will accept her brother also. She says I can’t let my daughter become someone’s bahu. She says Aastha has changed, but I haven’t changed. I will not bear anything wrong and will forget that girl. She didn’t think about Gayatri and got her married to a guy whom she doesn’t love. She says Aastha is changed and also changed Shiv also. Govind says Shiv haven’t done anything wrong and says he supported Aastha being her husband. He says even I have supported you. Lakshmi says you have supported me as I was right always. Govind says we will talk later, but first come down.

Sharda is with Ashok. Gayatri asks him to go and says drama is over. Ashok gets up. Guru maa says they will go, but not alone, with you. She says when marriage happened, then bidaai will also happen. She asks her to go with Ashok. Gayatri is shocked and says this marriage happened by mistake and says she did this to save her family respect. Guru maa says this marriage have happened with all rituals and says this is God’s decision, don’t insult the rituals. Gayatri asks why shall I go? Guru maa says you are bahu of Sharda now and asks her to stay in her house. Gayatri tells Lakshmi that she don’t want to go and have no happiness with this marriage. Lakshmi says you have to go as your bhabhi wants this, and says she has not betrayed only you, but all of us. She says now as marriage happened, you have to go. Aastha asks Gayatri to say something and tell that she is innocent. Gayatri asks her to stop her acting and says I asked you not to tell truth, then why did you stay silent when you have the habit to support truth. Aastha looks on shocked.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa asks Aastha to throw the egg which she find in the dry grass. Aastha keeps it safely. She tells that she is making Aam Panna for Shiv and Lakshmi. Janki sprays color on it and puts it in the sweet dish. Sweet dish falls down due to Dog and the egg falls on Gurumaa’s head. Everyone is shocked. Guru maa gets furious.