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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Maa asking Gayatri to check why Aastha haven’t come till now. Shiv thinks not Aastha, but Radhika. She says he will marry Radhika only. Gayatri comes and asks Aastha to come. Sharda prays to God. Gayatri brings Aastha. Guest asks her to lift veil. Gayatri lifts the ghunghat. Shiv is shocked to see Aastha. Aastha smiles. Shiv thinks how can this happen, if Aastha is here then where is Radhika. Balwan asks Shiv to smile. Gayatri says perfect pics shall come of the perfect Jodi. Janki and Jaya are irked. They tell that saas bahu Jodi is the best. Chacha and his son praise Guru maa for choosing Aastha. Runjhun sees Balwan and imagines marrying him. Govind looks for Sharda and Lakshmi. He comes out and sees Sharda crying. He says you shall be happy that she is marrying with her wish. Sharda thinks how can she be happy knowing that marriage will break in mandap. They hear Pandit ji asking Aastha to read Guru mantra and then only marriage rituals will start. Aastha is tensed. Pandit ji asks her to read Guru Mantras. Sharda and Govind are still inside.

Govind asks Sharda to come. Sharda thinks time has come to tell the truth. She says I want to tell you important thing. Just then she hears Aastha reading Guru mantras. Sharda runs inside the house happily. Everyone claps for Aastha. Sharda goes to Aastha and kisses on her forehead. Aastha says I told these mantras for you, you are my Guru and God, I just believe in you. Pandit ji asks her to sit for the marriage and begins marriage rituals. He asks them to do the ritual. Shiv thinks this marriage can’t happen. He gets up from the mandap. Aastha also gets up. Pandit ji gets up and asks Shiv what happened? Radhika comes there just then calling Shiv. Everyone is shocked to see her in bridal dress. Lakshmi signs Guru maa that everyone is in control. Radhika comes near Shiv and congratulates him for his marriage. She shakes hand with him and gives letter silently. She then shake hand with Aastha and congratulates her. She says as I said, I will come. I came to wish you both. She goes, and thinks now Shiv will not accept Aastha after reading this letter. Shiv reads the letter in which Radhika accused Aastha for instigating his family against her and asking him to punish Aastha for her pain. Shiv sits back and looks angrily.

Pandit ji asks Sharda to give Aastha’s hand in his hand. Sharda gives her hand in his hand. Aastha makes Shiv wear garland. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Lakshmi asks Shiv to make her wear garland. Shiv makes her wear garland angrily. Balwan throws petals on Runjhun. She smiles. Pandit ji asks Sharda to do their ghat bandhan. Sharda ties their ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. He asks Shiv to take first 4 rounds and tells about the vows. Shiv thinks that I won’t let your reflection with me. Pandit ji explains the second vow. Shiv thinks no relation is mine whoever is related to you. Pandit ji explains third and forth vows. Shiv thinks I will have only enmity with you. Pandit asks Aastha to come forward and recites the mantras. Shiv thinks I will make sure that you cry every minute.

Shiv says I will not save you from any trouble, but will become your big trouble, and will make your life difficult. Pandit ji asks them to sit for the remaining rituals. He asks him to make Aastha wear mangalsutra and fill her maang with sindoor. Shiv makes her wear mangalsutra. Aastha smiles. He then fills her maang with sindoor. Everyone claps as the marriage completes. Guru maa thanks God. Shiv thinks marriage happens with love and trust and says when you have betrayed me, I will punish you.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jaya asks them not to make the plates makes sound, and asks her to lift it slowly. Shiv drops the plates intentionally. Everyone is shocked.

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