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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee

The Episode starts with Lakshmi saying Gurumaa that you have kept my son captive in the underground room and says you haven’t given him life, but a curse. She says you are Gurumaa, mata’s daughter, and a sadhvi, but for me you are my guilty and will always be, I will never forgive you for this for forever. She breaks down and cries seeing her son’s traumatized state. She asks Govind and Shiv to take him inside. They take him and go inside. Gurumaa and Radhika are left alone in the hall. Radhika is upset and goes. Gurumaa shouts and cries seeing her plan ruined. Lakshmi tells her son that she will do his bandage. He gets up and runs.

Govind comes and says his wound is of 25 years old. Lakshmi says I know and that’s why I want to stay with him, so that he can understand me. Govind says we need to understand him, he stayed there for 25 years and might be afraid. Lakshmi says she wants to stay with her son. Govind says you just give him sometime and then he will be alright. Lakshmi says they are unfortunate as they have no memories with him and couldn’t feel that he was here only, she says she just had the feeling of those 9 months. Govind says that feeling is enough for now. Lakshmi says if I have that feeling then he must have all those feelings and says she will make new memories and goes.

Shiv looks at his brother. Radhika comes and thinks to talk to him. She thinks she is with him and he has become Devdas for her brother. She thinks Shiv’s brother have ruined her happiness becoming bad eye and goes. Aastha comes to Shiv and asks him to talk to his brother and not to be hesitant. She says don’t think me wrong, I am talking about your brother, and asks what is stopping you. Shiv says 25 years, when he stayed in cage room like a prisoner and I stayed luxury life here. He says he is younger than me, but I am feeling low now. Aastha asks him not to talk to him right now, but go and sit with him so that he don’t feel alone and afraid. She says you don’t need to express your love, if you sit beside him then he will feel your love for him. Shiv thanks Aastha. Aastha goes.

Shiv goes to his brother and tells that our hands and face are similar, and says I am your twin brother and 4 mins elder than you. He asks him to call him Shiv Bhai. He says he likes bindi and likes to play football. He asks if you will play with me. His brother is alone. Shiv asks him to take his own time and says very soon you will mingle with everyone, I know you are in shock right now and I will wait when you call me Bhai.

Lakshmi comes to them and asks them to come with her. Lakshmi asks him to close his eyes. Shiv says bhai is not a kid and asks her to show just like that. Lakshmi opens the door and shows the decorated room. Aastha says mummy ji decorated it. Shiv’s brother locks the door. Lakshmi asks him to open the door. Shiv says let him be alone for something. Aastha also says the same. Lakshmi refuses to go. Shiv says we will come once he opens the door.

Lakshmi knocks on the door asking him to open the door. He opens the door and hides. They go inside the room and sees the room messed up, light is switched off, and he is hiding beside the bed. Janki asks if he came from the underground room or from the jungle. Angad asks her to keep quiet. Lakshmi tells her son that she must have understood that he don’t like colors and light, she apologizes to him. Nand lal asks him to fight with this fear and says we all are with you. He says there is a darkness here, I will open the window. Shiv’s brother opens his hand stopping him.

Lakshmi asks him to leave Nand Lal’s hand. Nand Lal feels pain. Shiv asks him to leave Chacha’s hand. His brother leaves his hand. Shiv tells Chacha that they shall give sometime to him. Shiv asks Maan singh to clean the room and don’t take the curtains out. Lakshmi says she will stay with him for sometime. Lakshmi keeps her head on his shoulder and apologizes. She asks him to have food.

Govind asks where is Lakshmi. Aastha says she said that she will bring Bhaiyya. Balwan says I will bring them. Govind asks them to have food.

They see many dishes on the table. Runjhun asks if someone is coming. Govind says Lakshmi got all vegetable dishes made as she don’t know what our younger son likes. Janki says if he do same thing here then nobody will get to eat anything. Jaya asks her to make the plate ready. Radhika says Bhaiyya will be happy if we keep Shiv and my engagement tomorrow. Gurumaa says it is a good suggestion and says we will take lakshmi’s advice and asks Govind. Lakshmi comes with her younger son and tells that they will not talk about the engagement till her son gets fine.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiv gives suit to his brother and asks him to wear it. Aastha asks him to show the mirror. Shiv shows the mirror. His brother breaks the mirror angrily. Janki and Jaya gives her cream and asks him to apply on face. He applies it and comes out. Gurumaa says she will clean his face. Lakshmi says she will clean his face.

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