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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri telling Aastha that it was all your plan, you always support truth then why didn’t you call Maa and tell her truth. She says you are double faced. Shiv shouts Gayatri’s name. Gayatri says you are blinded by her, and says she don’t want to stay under same roof as her. Runjhun thinks thank god, she is saved and Aastha’s reputation is ruined. Janki and Jaya applaud for each other for making Gayatri marry Ashok and putting blame on Aastha. Aastha cries shockingly. Sharda welcomes Ashok and Gayatri in the house and does their aarti. Gayatri throws the aarti plate and asks Sharda to stop acting and says I am betrayed by your daughter. Ashok asks her to stop it. Gayatri says your life is insured now, it seems you have got lottery, no girl wants to talk to you.

Ashok is about to say. Sharda says let her talk, today is her grah pravesh. Gayatri says she is a guest only and will leave soon. She walks inside the house taking her stuff. She opens the ghatbandhan and looks angrily.

Aastha sees Govind try to repair the photo frame and asks him. Govind says he is trying to repair it, but couldn’t and tells that Shiv and Lakshmi used to love each other a lot, then they are distanced far. She used to like Aam Panna made by Lakshmi. Aastha says sorry. Govind tells that he knows her and says she is not wrong. He goes. Guru maa comes and calls her name.

While Ashok is sleeping in his room. A lady comes out from his room and wakes him up. He wakes up and asks what you are doing here? Ashok says I have done a mannat that I will never let any bad reflection fall on us and my husband will be my only. She ties thread on his hand and asks why did you remarry when I am alive. She says you asked me to wait till Runjhun gets married, but you got married. He says I was about to tell them. He says everything happened so fast that I couldn’t understand what is happening. She holds knife in her hand and says we get marry together, and die together. She calls him bewafa. He takes knife and asks her to give him some time, so that he makes everything fine. She says ok. Ashok asks her to go. She touches his feet and goes.

Gurumaa tells Aastha that marriage happened at the right mahurat and says time has come to tell your truth, and says someone have to pay for your truth, Shiv or Lakshmi. Don’t know how they will be affected. She asks her to support truth and says we will tell truth to everyone, come. Aastha says I will not tell truth to everyone now, first I will join this broken photo frames, I will unite Shiv and Lakshmi first and then only I will tell truth. Guru maa blesses her and goes.

Aastha asks Runjhun to go and change and not to think much. She says you got married now, be happy and give love to everyone. She says she is feeling bad for Gayatri and Ashok. Runjhun thinks why she is lecturing me and getting me bored, my life is set now. She says I have to unite mummy ji and Shiv. Runjhun says she wants to go to her room, and says may be Balwan will get angry seeing me with you. She goes to Balwan’s room and sees simple room. She thinks it seems to be servant’s room and thinks she will change the room like Shiv changed Sharda’s house. She thinks Balwan might be earning 10 crores Rs. in a month. She imagines money falling on her. Balwan comes and sees the paper. She says Mum asked her to take care of her husband’s accounts.

Balwan says you have put all zero’s right, but not the first 1 and strikes 1 before the zeroes. He says I have just zero in my account. Runjhun is shocked and says she didn’t understand. Balwan says I am like their son, but not their son that I will earn this much. Runjhun asks what do you mean? He tells her that his parents used to be servant of the house and they died when he was small. This family have brought me up and got me educated and made me capable. He says I had written everything in that letter and got more respect for you, when you agreed to marry me. He holds her hand. She brushes off his hand. He asks her to rest and goes. Runjhun imagines cleaning the floor and thinks she has become naukrani. Aastha thinks about Lakshmi and Shiv and thinks to unite them.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa asks Aastha to throw the egg which they find outside the house. Aastha tells that she is making Aam Panna for Lakshmi and Shiv. Janki and Jaya spray collar on egg and says now you will make egg panna. Prasad the dog makes the aam panna falls, and the egg from it falls on Guru maa’s head. Everyone is shocked.

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