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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha bringing food for boy and Shiv and asks him to eat with him in the same plate. Shiv says he has a full stomach. Boy eats all food quickly. Shiv is surprised and asks him to tell his name. Aastha says may be he can’t speak. Shiv asks him to sign yes or no holding his ears. He asks him to see the things in the room and tell if something explains his name. He shows Ganesh ji. Aastha says your name is Ganesh. They ask where is his home. He signs towards the calendar. Aastha says kailash parvath. Shiv says may be he is talking about some hill station. Boy forwards his hand for chocolate. Shiv says from where I will bring at this time. Aastha says we will play with your rat. Shiv holds the toy rat and spins the key. Ganesh’s mum speaks up in the recording. Shiv asks if this is your mum’s voice. Ganesh gets emotional. Aastha hugs and comforts Ganesh. She makes Ganesh sleep on her bed. He takes the pillow. She says she will sleep on sofa. Shiv joins the bed. They sleep with Ganesh in between them.

Janki tells that it seems they are standing for competition. Jaya says it is competition. She says today all the woman in the house will make one dish of their choice and the best of dish will be presented to God as bhog. Lakshmi tells them that she has covered the vegetables with 4 different colors cloths. She says all the bahus have to pick the color and make the vegetable which is covered with the cloth. Jaya tells Janki that they shall select same color. Janki says ok. Lakshmi asks Jaya to select the color. Jaya selects purple and gets matar/peas. Janki says even her favorite color is same. Lakshmi asks her to make matar paneer. Runjhun selects pink color and gets ladies finger. She says she will make best vegetable dish as she got Ganesh ji’s blessings. Aastha selects yellow color and gets Brinjal. Janki says nobody will like it. Jaya says if we kept it for bhog then Ganapati ji will refuse it. Lakshmi gives brinjal to Aastha. She asks her to make those things on stove as they have no four cylinders, and asks them to take ingredients from the trolley and also from kitchen. She says the best of dish will be presented as bhog to God and the others dish will be distributed to needy.

Radhika tells Aastha that she wants to keep her vegetable near the God so that she can get blessing. Before Aastha could say anything, she sees Shiv and goes. Radhika takes brinjal with her. Aastha comes to Shiv. Shiv is searching Ganesh. Aastha laughs seeing Shiv’s face and clicks his pics. Shiv takes her phone and sees fake moustaches etc on his face. She asks if he asked for chocolate. They realize he went to chocolate Ganapati and run. They see Radhika going towards the temple. Aastha runs and stops Radhika. Radhika asks what is work? Aastha says your hairs are long, black and silky and asks if she applies hair color. Radhika says she don’t apply hair color, it is natural. Shiv takes Ganesh and leaves. Radhika also praises her hairs. Aastha tells her that she is making baigan ka bharta and goes. Aastha comes to Shiv and thanks him for saving Ganesh and asks him to take him in trolley.

Lakshmi sees Radhika taking brinjals. Radhika says she took brinjals to get Ganesh ji’s blessings. Lakshmi says ok. She comes to kitchen. Aastha says you are here? She thanks her for giving her a chance. Lakshmi says I haven’t given you any chance or have done anything for you. She says she has done what she is happening in the house since years, she has been following their customs. She asks her to do something big before visarjan to win everyone’s heart and says your fight with my time also. Aastha promises that she will not only fight, but also win.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika puts gun powder in the brinjal. Aastha tries to light the stove. Lakshmi tells her that pin is broken and asks her to make vegetable on gas. Aastha keeps brinjal on gas.

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