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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with shiv telling Govind that Game has just started. He adds ghee in havan fire and tells either i will burn in this fire or this fire will burn someone. Govind asks shiv if there is any problem then tell me. Shiv says no there is no problem i m fine and hugs Govind and leaves from there. Govind says dont know know what happened to shiv maybe marriage tiredness he will take rest and will become fine.

Shiv thinks that u may have married me aastha but i will never accept u as my wife and just as i have ignited havan fire with Ghee in same way i will keep ignited my anger against u aastha.
Lakshmi takes aastha to her room its decorated with beautiful candles and flower petals aastha asks to lakshmi what is it. Lakshmi says its panchamrit (Holy) water and u have to take bath with it. Lakshmi tells this bath is very important and adds milk, honey, tulsi, aloevera juice and Gangajal in bathtub. Lakshmi says these 5 things are considered as Elixir (amrit) in ayurveda. And when u will bayh with it no one will be able to take their eye off from u. She tells that after taking bath wear this red saree kept here.she tells its our family tradition so take bath and get ready.Aastha recalls her and shiv moments. Aadha ishq songs play in background.

Jaya and janki discuss about aastha janki irritates jaya. Jaya tella now see what will i do and they both come to aastha. Aastha sees god idol kept there with pooja plate Jaya chachi tells aastha that in our house after taking bath pooja is must jaya chachi tells her but u dont need to worry becoz Lakshmi didi has told that u will not do pooja. Aastha smiles and thinks i m so lucky that i got such a family who dont have problem with me being atheist.jaya says aasyha that u have to wear this jewellery today u must have not seen this type of real gold jewellery before they try to insult Aastha but Lakshmi comes there and asks whats happening here jaya and janki gets shocked.they say that they were telling aastha that u r daughter in law of this house now so u should wear these jewellery now. Lakshmi says jaya who herself is so beautiful dont need such jeweler. They say yes. Lakshmi says but today is ritual so u must wear this jewellery. Aastha stops Lakshmi and tells that she has to give something to u. She comes and gives her maangteeka to lakshmi and says this is our ancestral jewellery and my mom gave it to me and i m giving it to u. Becoz u r elder and u must be knowing its right place. Jaya and janki gets shocked seeing such heavy jewellery and asks is it real aastha says yes it is. Lakshmi accepts it and says today i will make u ready. They bring aastha down aastha sees pooja plate so lakshmi tells that u have not to do pooja. She says that in our house Daughter in law is worshiped as Goddess in this ritual. Guruma says she is really looking like Goddess. They say Our daughter in law is a very big theist god devotee aastha gets shocked hearing it She recalls previous incidents and thinks how does such a big misunderstanding occurred. Lakshmi says to everyone that our Dil donated this ancestral jewellery to goddess this shows how big devotee she is. And says that u told me to keep it at it right place now it is at its right place.

Aastha thinks shiv where r u now only u can save me Guruma says shiv is also a big devotee of God like his Father Guruma says we have one more ritual that husband does aarti of her wife.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv does aastha aarti in anger lakahmi is going to stop him but Guruma stops her.

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