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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika’s preplanned accident happening with Lakshmi’s car. Gurumaa smiles and looks at the car. Lakshmi tries to wake Radhika up. Balwan tells Aastha that she came at right time and have to make murti with Shiv. Jaya says there is no need for Aastha to make idol. Aastha says she will make idol thinking it as an idol. She sits to make idol. Shiv asks Balwan to help her. Balwan says he has some important work and asks Shiv to help her. Shiv sits beside her to help her. They make idols. Aastha thanks him. Shiv says I made this murti for family. Aastha says I thanked you for missing me. She asks Shiv to keep idol in temple with her. Radhika comes and calls Shiv. Shiv drops the idol. Aastha holds it.

Radhika enters inside house recalling Shiv love confession her. Shiv also recalls his promise, and Radhika wishing him for marriage. Lakshmi and Gurumaa come there. Aastha asks Radhika what happened to her? She hugs her and asks how are you? Gurumaa tells that Radhika met with an accident with our car and that’s why Lakshmi wanted her to stay here. Lakshmi hesitantly tells that she will stay in the outhouse. Shiv says she can stay with her parents. Lakshmi says she don’t stay with her parents now. Radhika tries speaking with Shiv. Shiv goes without talking to her. Gurumaa asks her to come.

Aastha apologizes to Lakshmi for going without informing them. Lakshmi calls her careless and says she thought she went to Manali. Aastha says I have kept that ticket in almari. She says where I will go leaving my family. Lakshmi shows hope on her. Shiv is playing table. Lakshmi comes to him and asks if he is getting angry with her. Shiv says no. Lakshmi says I can understand and says when she gets fine, she will leave. Shiv says when she came infront of me, I was shocked. Lakshmi asks if he loves Radhika.

Shiv says he was just attracted to Radhika. He says at that time, we were having difference and I was stubborn about Radhika, but when Aastha came in my life, I thought she is the one. Lakshmi asks Shiv not to tell Aastha and says even she will not tell, and told Radhika not to tell anything to Aastha. Gurumaa asks Radhika to follow Lakshmi’s sayings and says I will lower Aastha infront of everyone and will kick her out. She lights camphor on her hand and swears infront of Radhika that Lakshmi will accept that Aastha was her mistake and will accept her for Shiv.

Aastha comes to Gurumaa and asks how is she? Gurumaa asks an enemy is asking another enemy. Aastha says you are a family and I was worried about you. She says I know about the scar on your stomach and asks about her daughter. Gurumaa gets shocked and asks her to go and do the work, else it will be bad for her. Servant gives clothes to Aastha and says lakshmi will distribute. Lakshmi comes and says she gives clothes to bahus of the house. She gives clothes to Jaya, Janki and Runjhun. They thank her. Radhika asks Lakshmi if the last clothes is for Aastha. Jaya says she is not keeping fast and don’t believe on God, then why she will wear new clothes. Lakshmi looks at Aastha.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika tells Lakshmi that she has kept teej fast. Janki asks if she got married. Radhika says no. Runjhun asks then for whom she kept fast. Radhika says for Shiv. Everyone is shocked.

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