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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha thinking to add chaat masala in the aam panna and thinks it will be tasty. She collides with Shiv and it falls on her eyes. Shiv clears it. Aastha asks when you will come home. Shiv says he will come in the night. Aastha asks can you come within 1 hour. Shiv says if you want, I will stay at home. Aastha thinks it is good that Shiv stopped at home.

Gayatri asks Ashok what is he doing? He says he is dividing the things (bathroom stuff) as he knows that she will not use the things used by him. She throws the things on floor. Lakshmi comes and those things falls near her. Gayatri sees her and runs to hug her. Ashok says mum went to stay at relative’s place for few days. Lakshmi picks the half soap and gives to Ashok. She says daughter needs many things daily and gives him money asking him to buy stuff of her choice. She says my daughter got married due to helplessness, but she will not compromise. Jaya and Janki bring egg in the house. Jaya hides egg seeing Angad coming. He asks why her hand is so big. They make an excuse. Jaya asks him to go.

Lakshmi is about to leave from Ashok’s house. Ashok’s first wife comes there and greets Lakshmi and touches her feet. Ashok gets tensed. His first wife greets Gayatri and touches Ashok’s feet. Ashok says she is house owner’s sister. He asks what you are doing here? She says she came to stay here, as some work is going on in her house. Janki makes dog sound. Aastha thinks what happened to Prasad and goes out to check. Jaya asks Janki to take out the egg, but they find egg missing. Prasad, the dog bring egg holding in its mouth.

Gayatri says how can you stay here? Ashok’s first wife says this is my brother’s house. Gayatri says you gets rent monthly and says already 3 people stay here. Ashok says Gayatri is right. His first wife tells that she will call her brother. Ashok asks her not to call him and says she can stay here. She goes inside. Ashok tells lakshmi that her brother is a Mumbai goon and if he throws us out where we will go, and that’s why I let her stay. He says Gayatri have to adjust. Lakshmi says that’s why I was against this marriage and don’t want to send my daughter in poor family. He asks her to have food. Lakshmi asks her to take care of Gayatri and goes. Janki get the egg in the purse. Janki sees it broken. Jaya blames Prasad. Aastha comes and asks Prasad what happened? She keeps aam panna on the high table and asks Prasad to be away from Aam Panna.

Lakshmi comes back home and see the utensil which Aastha kept. Shiv comes and looks at Lakshmi. Aastha smiles looking at them and thinks they felt the smell. Shiv asks about its smell. Govind tells that it is aam panna and tells Lakshmi that Shiv used to drink aam panna made by you. Lakshmi says she didn’t make. Govind says Aastha made it, but recipe is yours and that’s why Shiv came. Shiv and Lakshmi looks on.

Guru maa comes and says it seems Lakshmi made this Aam Panna. Shiv and Lakshmi are about to go. Govind asks them to taste. Guru maa says why not? Just then Balwan and Prasad come running there. Prasad barks. Govind says he is running behind the bone on your tshirt. Prasad jumps and makes the aam panna fall on Gurumaa’s head. Everyone is shocked to see green egg shell bursting on Guru maa’s head. Guru maa is shocked and angry. She looks at Aastha.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Govind asks Aastha from where did egg come in it. Aastha says she doesn’t know. Guru maa says I told you to throw that egg far and gets angry. Lakshmi tells that she can’t forgive Aastha for her mistake and she will be punished. Shiv is shocked. Aastha cries.

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