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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya saying why will Aastha wear Teej clothes and says she has not kept fast. She says she used to be hungry to support her mum and tells that she will not have food. Janki asks her not to be hungry for them. Gurumaa asks her to be hungry for Shiv. Shiv comes there. Aastha says I don’t understand the logic of increasing someone’s age by being hungry and says if I be hungry then someone can have that food. Lakshmi asks Jaya to keep the clothes infront of Goddess Parvati and says she brought the clothes for Shiv’s wife, but when she don’t want to fast for him then what is the use of giving saree. Gurumaa tells Radhika that she will guide her to get the saree. Aastha looks at Shiv. Shiv feels bad and gets upset with her and goes. Radhika goes to Shiv and gives him tea. Shiv tries to talk to her, but before he could her, she says she understand her situation and knows that he has moved on. She says we shall forget our past and lets be friends. Shiv thanks her.

Janki and Jaya talk that Aastha is clever and wants saree also. Jaya says it is difficult to make Gewar and not to eat. They get irked with Lakshmi for bringing Radhika. Radhika comes and says she will make Gewar. Aastha comes there. Radhika asks her to make Gewar along with her. Jaya says Aastha will not make Prasad. Runjhun comes and asks Aastha to talk to sharda. Sharda says she heard that she has insulted her family. Aastha says she keeps fast with a different motive and says she will feed the hungry person. She asks her to trust her and celebrate Teej with her bahu. Sharda says ok.

Aastha comes to room and sees he food plate. She thinks so many food plates. Shiv comes and says this is for you. He says what did you say that you will keep fast to support everyone.. He says it is a wife’s faith that husband’s life gets increased with her fasting. Aastha thinks she will asks kaka to give food to poor. Gurumaa comes there, sees Jaya coming and pushes her head in the rice. Some rice grains get stick to her. Jaya scolds her for having food. Aastha tries to tell her that Guru maa pushed her. Lakshmi hears her and gets upset. She goes to Govind, and tells him that Aastha had the food. She says she don’t think that she will stay in the house for many days. Govind is sure that Aastha will not go. They hear Radhika singing the song. She sings Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram…Gurumaa smirks. Janki says she is singing so well. Jaya says my dadi used to sing this. Radhika takes Gurumaa’s blessing.

Gurumaa blesses her and signs her to touch Lakshmi’s blessing. Lakshmi asks what you are doing. Radhika says she has kept Teej fas. Janki asks did you get married? Radhika says no. Janki asks for whom you have kept fast. Radhika says she has kept fast for Shiv. Lakshmi asks what do you mean? Radhika goes past Shiv and says she kept fast for God Shiv. She says she wants husband like Shiv ji and that’s why kept fast for him. Janki says God will fulfill your wish. Jaya praises Radhika and insults Aastha. Gurumaa tells Aastha that she can’t attend the Teej function now and says whom to give these clothes. Jaya suggests her to give clothes to Radhika. Janki and Runjhun also says the same thing. Gurumaa asks Lakshmi to tell. Aastha looks at Shiv.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha is seen wearing the clothes which Lakshmi brught for Teej. Radhika pours kerosene oil around her and lights fire. Aastha shouts Shiv.

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