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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing egg breaking on Gurumaa’s head. Balwan says I will remove. Guru maa stops him. Shiv, Aastha and others looks on shocked. Govind asks from where egg came in aam panna. Aastha says I didn’t know. Govind says you made Aam Panna naa. Aastha says I made it, but don’t know how it came in Aam Panna. Guru maa says you did it intentionally and tells that she asked her to throw egg outside the house, but she insulted her and made her apavitra. Aastha says she had thrown egg outside. Guru maa says then how did it come in it and says you have done sin. Angad says we don’t take egg name even with our mouth. Jaya says it is a big mess. Janki says it is a big sin. Aastha tells that she really don’t know. Runjhun says they don’t use garlic and onion and you brought egg here. Aastha tells that she is innocent and says she kept egg outside the house and don’t know who brought it inside. Jaya makes a laughing sound and says it broke on Guru maa. Angad asks Janki to bring water. Janki says Guru maa is in confusion as she can’t punish her as Aastha is a Goddess’ daughter. She says this might be happening with God’s wish.

Lakshmi says this is Aastha’s sin and it can’t be God’s wish, she says Aastha will be punished. Govind says she didn’t do it intentionally. Shiv says when Aastha is saying she didn’t do intentionally then why you are not believing her. He says Aastha couldn’t do anything and says why she wants to punish her. Lakshmi says she can’t ignore her sin and says this is not house, but temple for us. Guru maa apologizes to Goddess. Lakshmi says Aastha have made this house ashudhh/impure, and she has to make it pure. She has to clean the house until egg’s smell goes, and until then we all will stand outside under the sun. Guru maa looks on as she is the main culprit and planned this against Aastha. Aastha asks Lakshmi not to punish everyone. Lakshmi asks her to clean the house and goes. Aastha cries. Janki tells Jaya that the egg which they brought was broken, then from where egg came in aam panna. Jaya says don’t know, but our work is done. Aastha cries.

Gurumaa tells Aastha that she knows that she don’t enter temple and that’s why she will clean the temple. Aastha says no Guru maa and says she will clean the temple area as mistake happened due to her. Guru maa says ok. Aastha cries. Lakshmi apologizes to the God standing near the fountain. Janki says why we are punished. Jaya says we are here, but Aastha will be punished and leave the house. She asks God not to let Aastha clean the house.

Guru maa comes to take bath in the tub and recalls adding egg in the aam ras intentionally. She sits in the big tub of water and flower petals. Guru maa apologizes to God and says she is helpless to do this and punished egoistic Aastha. She says I have become impure because of her. She says just like God Shankar drank poison to save the world, I had to drink poison to save the house. She says I want everyone to hate Aastha before knowing her truth and says she don’t want her family to blame her , and says she will be her favorite daughter always. She says jai maa durga and takes a bath in water. Aastha cleans the house with the cloth. Govind asks are you fine? Guru maa says she has done her shuddhikaran and have apologized to everyone. Shiv says mistake can happen with anyone. Guru maa says I am sure that Runjhun will not do such mistakes. Runjhun gets happy and says yes. Hen comes back. Jaya says this hen returned again and says we will make hen go. Govind’s phone rings and Lakshmi’s lori is played as ring tone. Govind thinks I thought this lori will unite Shiv and Lakshmi. Shiv goes. Lakshmi asks him to change the ringtone. Aastha thinks she has cleaned the house, but how to clean the temple area.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha tries to get acid bottle and is about to fall down from the table. Shiv holds her and they fall down. Acid bottle falls down. Shiv gets epileptic attack. Aastha shouts calling for Lakshmi and Shiv.