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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv coming inside the house to help Aastha and says we both will clean the house. Aastha says no, and says she will only clean. Shiv says I am not asking you, but telling you. Aastha thanks him. Shiv says he will clean the temple area and change mata’s chunari. Jaya and Janki try to catch the hen. Hen sits. Janki says they shall take the sand and put in the house. Jaya says she has a better plan and laughs. Shiv sings lori while cleaning the temple. Aastha asks what is this? Shiv says it is his favorite lori which Maa used to sing for him and just heard it as a ringtone of baba. Jaya and Janki get inside the house and put a chemical bottle in the kitchen which smells like that of egg. Janki climbs on the table and kettle falls down. Shiv and Aastha hear the noise.

Jaya and janki hides.Shiv says kettle has fallen down, and tells Aastha to call everyone, and goes through the window. Jaya and Janki also go. Aastha comes out and tells that she has cleaned the house. Lakshmi checks and says house is not cleaned till now, egg smell is strong and coming out also. Aastha says I have cleaned the house. Angad says don’t know how much smell it is inside.

Jaya and Janki act and says they are standing out. Aastha says she has cleaned all the house. Lakshmi asks her to clean from heart. She counts on her mistakes and says it is all your mistakes. She says human gets a chance to rectify his mistakes, you can’t rectify the previous mistakes, but you can clean our house and make it like before. Aastha goes inside and cleans the floor again. Shiv comes inside and asks her to stop it. He says when we went out, there was no smell then from where this smell is coming. Aastha says Lakshmi will get more angry if she comes to know that you are helping me. Shiv says I am helping you with my wish and says there is something wrong for sure.

Everyone is sitting out. Govind tells Lakshmi that Aastha did a mistake, but they shall not be harsh with her. Lakshmi says she will not show sympathy. Shiv brings Prasad, the dog and tells Aastha that Prasad will help them get to the root of smell. He says this is not egg smell, but something which is smelling like egg, like it comes from chemistry lab. Prasad sees bottle and barks. Aastha says I will check. She tells Shiv that smell is coming from this bottle. She keeps table and tries to get the bottle. Aastha is about to fall, but Shiv holds her and she falls over him. The acid bottle falls down and breaks. Aastha and Shiv sees the fumes. Shiv gets epileptic attack. Aastha asks what happened to you, and goes to bring his medicines and water. She makes him have the tablet and water and calls Govind and Lakshmi. They get worried and run inside the house.

Ashok’s first wife comes to his room and kisses on his shirt and goes. Ashok comes out of bathroom and wears his shirt. Gayatri asks from where did this mark come on your shirt. Ashok says he didn’t know from where did this mark came. Gayatri says how do you remember and says there are many girls. She accuses him and Aastha. Ashok asks her to think many times before accusing him. He says he will not leave bhagyashree.

Doctor is called and he checks Shiv. Govind asks what happened? Doctor tells him that the poisonous gas went into his lungs and that’s why he is feeling headache, and needs sleep. He is not normal fully and needs to be fine with sleep, else it will be dangerous to his life. Angad asks him to give injection to sleep. Doctor says he can’t give him injection or pain killer as the gas is inside his body. Gurumaa asks Shiv to sleep. Lakshmi asks Aastha to bring cold water and keeps on his head. Shiv asks her to go and tells that his head is already spraining. Lakshmi gets up to go and is sad. She looks at Govind.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi tells Govind that Shiv’s condition is because of that bottle and asks Aastha to smell everyone’s hands. Aastha smells Jaya’s hand and gets doubtful.

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