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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha coming to Lakshmi and says she found a way to make Shiv sleep. Lakshmi says I will do whatever I can, and asks her to stay away. Aastha says I don’t have the idea to make him sleep, but you and asks her to sing lullaby for Shiv which she used to sing in his childhood. Lakshmi asks what you are saying? Shiv is not a child anymore and asks her to go. Aastha says you said right, he has grown up, but for others. He is still a child for you, and the child likes everything which is done by her/his mum. Lakshmi looks on. Shiv holds his head as it is paining badly. Govind asks him not to think anything. Angad says how he will sleep in pain.

Aastha comes and puts wet cloth on his forehead. Balwan asks her to make Shiv sleep and says he is in pain. Angad says if he don’t get sleep then anything can happen. Just then Lakshmi comes singing lullaby surmayi ankhiyon me…..Shiv and everyone looks on. She sits at his side and keeps her hand on his head. Shiv still feels pain. Lakshmi makes him lie down on her lap. Govind takes everyone out and switches off lights. Lakshmi continues to sing it. Shiv gets sleep hearing her lori. Lakshmi goes out of his room.

Jaya says Shiv slept, now everything is fine. Lakshmi says Shiv slept, but still nothing is fine. She says she needs answer. Govind asks what? Lakshmi says Shiv is in this condition because of the chemical smell and asks who bought it. She says its smell was like that of egg and that’s why we made Aastha clean the house repeatedly. She says we have done wrong with Aastha and asks her to smell everyone’s hand and find out who brought this bottle. Jaya says who will bring the bottle here. Aastha says we are one family. Lakshmi says you have to do for Shiv. She asks her to smell her hands first.

Aastha smells Lakshmi, Balwan, Runjhun’s hands. Guru maa asks her to smell her hand also. Aastha smells her hand and goes to smell Angad, Govind, Jaya and Janki’s hand. Jaya and Janki panic as she smell their hands. Aastha looks doubtfully. (Lakshmi would have got Prasad to sniff the smell)

Bhagyashree brings food for Ashok and touches his feet. Ashok asks why she is doing things as a wife. Bhagyashree emotionally blackmails him. Ashok gets reminded about his marriage with her on gun point and promises to make everything fine.

Aastha tells Lakshmi that she didn’t feel any smell from anyone’s hand. Jaya and Janki tell that Servants must have brought it. Guru maa asks them to sleep. Aastha tells Jaya and Janki that she felt the smell from their hands. Jaya and Janki are shocked, and say you are very good to understand that we couldn’t do anything. They praise Aastha and tells that they have cleaned the kitchen and got this smell in their hands. Aastha says it is good that I asked you. Jaya thanks her for saving her respect and says goodnight to Aastha. Janki says we got saved.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi and Shiv wish happy birthday to each other looking at the moon. Govind tells Aastha that today is their birthday. Gurumaa tells Aastha that 10 years back, Lakshmi and Shiv buried a suitcase in the land. Aastha steps on the ground and falls in the big hole. She shouts for help as rats climb on her dress. Guru maa thinks she has done this to make her bad infront of others.

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