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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bheea 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwan asking Aastha to come home and says everyone is waiting for you. Aastha thinks until I tell you truth, I will feel guilty. Jaya is sitting near the cow dung keeping cloth on her nose. Janki comes and pushes her, making her touch the dung. Jaya gets angry and throws dung on Janki. Janki says I will not do it intentionally and throws dung on Chacha. Jaya gets angry and applies dung on Angad’s face. Angad and Chacha run inside. Janki says it was fun. Jaya says she will welcome Aastha with this dung and says nobody respect us since she came here, and says we will lower her respect, if can’t increase ours. Balwan brings Aastha and Shiv. Lakshmi hopes Shiv remains fine. Aastha touches Guru maa’s feet. Guru maa says we have been waiting for you. Aastha touches Lakshmi and Govind’s feet. She thinks she shall tell them everything. Jaya gets irked and thinks she didn’t touch my feet.

Aastha says I want to tell you something. Guru maa asks her to tell. Just then Chacha brings some pundits there. Guru maa tells Aastha that she has invited them for her first rasoi and says you will make food, we will present the bhog to God and then will be served to the pandits and guests. She says it is difficult, but I am sure you can do this. Lakshmi asks do you want to tell anything. Aastha says Maa greeted you all. Lakshmi smiles.

Aastha makes the food and thinks to inform everyone later after guests leave. Lakshmi comes and asks her light the stove and give tadka to dal. She asks her to light the temple diya and other diyas through it. Jaya recalls putting cow dung on the match sticks so that it can’t light. Gayatri says I will bring other match stick from temple. She brings another match stick, but same problem. Aastha gets tensed. Govind calls lakshmi and says everyone is waiting for the bhog. Jaya smirks and thinks they have damage the lighter. She says how she will make food now. Janki says she is auspicious to us then why this inauspicious thing.

Gayatri says she will send someone to buy match stick. Lakshmi says no and says they have to eat food before 12. Guru maa says time is less and says we can’t keep the bhog now and can’t light the temple diya. Jaya and Janki add fire to the fuel and try to instigate them against Aastha. Aastha sees some sunlight falling on floor and goes. She makes paper catches light exposing it to mirror. Jaya and Janki are shocked. Aastha lights the stove and lights diya also. She says food will be ready in 5 mins. Lakshmi praises her for her wits. Gayatri also praises her.

Balwan is exercising. Runjhun calls him. Balwan picks the call and says I can’t hear you. Guru maa comes and he gives phone to her. She thinks he held the phone wrong. Runjhun compliments on his body, hair style and smile. Guru maa asks who is speaking. Runjhun ends the call. Guru maa says don’t know who is this strange girl.

Later Guru maa do the aarti. Aastha is standing at the last. A boy comes and picks the bhog Prasad kept infront of God and is leaving while everyone is busy praying. Guru maa opens her eyes and stops him. She scolds him for insulting the God. His father came and tells that he is hungry, asks for forgiveness. Guru maa says she can’t bear God’s insult and asks him to take his son. Aastha thinks this is wrong, and thinks to talk later. Guru maa asks Govind to serve the food. Lakshmi says today Aastha made food, what do you think Shiv will eat. Guru maa says yes. They offer food to pandits. Guru maa asks Shiv to have food before guests. Shiv looks at the God and thinks this is your Prasad and I eat it as Prasad only.

Pandits taste the food and tells that it is delicious and praises Aastha and Guru maa’s choice. Aastha thinks to tell truth to everyone after pandits and guests leave.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha makes boy eats food. Gurumaa asks Aastha why did you make him have bhog. Aastha says it is a sin if someone is hungry. She says you believes on God and I believe on humanity. I don’t believe on God,I am a nastik.

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