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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written update of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Aastha talking to Sharda and says she will tell everyone. Sharda says I don’t think that you shall not do anything, and says now you have to spend all life there, how you will live. Aastha says now I have to live here all life, have to tell them. They can’t see anything happen against the God, and I can’t see anything happening. She looks at the Goddess idol and says today a boy was hungry because of you, but I won’t let wrong happen today. She steps inside the temple and takes the bhog plate. Guru maa comes and is shocked. Aastha takes the plate outside and asks the boy to come and have food. Boy is hesitant, but Aastha asks him to have it. Guru maa comes out and asks her why did you make him have bhog. Aastha asks boy to go and have food. Aastha says food was finished so she gave food kept as bhog. Guru maa says you shall not touch food kept as bhog, it is a sin. Aastha says I don’t agree. She says if someone is hungry and the food kept infront of him is not given to him then it is a sin in my view. Guru maa says what you are saying? You know that my God is first and important for me and says nothing wrong can happen with my God.

Aastha apologizes to her and says I don’t think like you. You follow the dharm and I follow humanity. She says I don’t believe in God. I am nastik. Guru maa is shocked and looks at Aastha shockingly. She says your God is just a stone idol for me, to whom I have never done puja. Guru maa is shocked. Aastha says I never bend my head infront of God. Guru maa asks what you are saying? Aastha says Maa tried to tell my truth to you before marriage, but you said that you know my truth and you like me the way I am. Guru maa recalls Sharda trying to tell her. Aastha says I don’t know how did the misunderstanding happen. She says she married Shiv as she thought he is a nastik. She says I respect aasthik people, but can’t see you scolding a boy inside. She asks why we can’t understand human’s pain and forget humanity. She says I respect you a lot. She says your God is in the temple and my God is in my heart. She says you follow religion and I follow my heart. She says I don’t know what do you think of me, but I want to clear everything. As you have chosen me, I want you to tell everyone about this. Guru maa is shocked.

Lakshmi keeps the ancestral bangles near God and apply tilak to it. She sees Aastha and Guru maa coming. She says Aastha did Rasoi rasam well, I am very happy. Aastha says I want to tell something. Lakshmi says but I want to say first. She says just like you kept your ancestral mang tika infront of God, I want to give you our ancestral bangles. She says Aastha deserves to give this bangles. Jaya and Janki are irked. Balwan says you said right and says only best bahu shall get it. Aastha is tensed and looks at Guru maa. Lakshmi asks Aastha to say. Shiv thinks don’t know what she wants to say or do drama to impress my family. Aastha says Guru maa will tell you all. Govind asks her to tell. Guru maa recalls calling Lakshmi and telling that Aastha is a good choice for Shiv, and Aastha telling that she is an atheist.

Guru maa says I did a mistake to identity someone in my life. Everyone is shocked. Guru maa says it is our bahu Aastha whom I thought as devotee of God, but she is atheist. Lakshmi is shocked and says she don’t believe in God. Govind says but Guru didi, how can you say this. Lakshmi says you can’t do this big mistake. Guru maa says I don’t know how this mistake happen, but this is truth. Govind says if this is truth then we will not hear or trust your saying. It was Gurumaa’s imagination.

Aastha asks what you are thinking? Why you are not speaking. Shiv says Guru maa will not say now and says she kept maun vrat today. Janki says I know that she breaks maun vrat in the morning. Lakshmi asks Aastha to tell. Shiv asks her to tell. Aastha says I will say what I wanted, and is about to tell them, but Guru maa keeps hand on her shoulder signing her not to. Janki says it seems Guru maa wants to tell us something through signing. Guru maa keeps hand on Aastha’s head and folds her hands infront of God. Govind says what you wants to say. Janki says Guru maa wants to say that Aastha wants to thank everyone. Lakshmi asks every bahu is special to us, there is no need of thanks. Balwan says bhabhi’s grah pravesh is best. Aastha asks Guru maa why did you stop me from telling truth to everyone. Guru maa writes something on slate and gives in Aastha’s hands. Aastha reads that everyone will get hurt if you say the hurt, and promises to tell them in the morning. Guru maa folds her hands infront of Goddess and goes. Aastha turns and looks at Goddess.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv tells Aastha that this is a surprise for you, and today I will tell you that I will give you thorns and pains all life. He looks at the thorny bed and the messed up room.

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