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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv thinking about his childhood incident and thinks Lakshmi used to feel his pain and applied ointment on his wounds always, but today she gave him pain and snatched Radhika from him and got him married to Astha. He keeps the show piece near the fountain and says you have snatched my relation and I will snatched yours. Sharda asks Aastha, if she told truth to them and tells that she is sensing bad. Aastha tells her that she is feeling bad to hide truth from good people and tells that she is sure that they will understand. She ends the call. Jaya and Janki are trying to read the contents of slate. Jaya’s pallu falls on candle. She says something is cooking between Aastha and Guru maa. Janki saves Jaya as the pallu catches fire. She reads and they both get shocked.

Shiv recalls his bad behavior towards Aastha and thinks of taking vows to take revenge, gets teary eyes. Aastha asks what happened to you. Shiv says I am really sorry. Aastha asks why you are saying sorry. Shiv says every person does mistake and even me. He apologizes to her for hurting her intentionally or unintentionally.

Aastha says you can’t hurt anyone as you have a clear heart. Shiv says I want to tell you something. Aastha says you are stressed and asks him to come. Shiv thinks I can’t give you love. Aastha thinks she can’t start this relation on the basis of lie. He picks the pillow. Aastha also picks pillow. Shiv asks her to sleep on bed and says he will sleep on sofa. Aastha refuses, but he insists. Aastha lies down on the bed. Piya plays….Aastha thinks she couldn’t think even in dreams that she will get husband like her, but she wants to start their lives with truth which will be out tomorrow. They sleep.

Govind comes to Shama Grah and opens the coffin. He is shocked to see Guru maa there. Guru maa opens her eyes and come out of coffin. She asks why you lied inside. She says she need a way that’s why she spent sometime alone. Govind asks if everything is fine. Guru maa says yes, and tells that he got solution for her confusion.

Runjhun is jogging where balwan is also jogging. She joins him and makes him hear bhajan. He is impressed. She tells that we shall do surya namaskar also. Balwan thinks she is like Bhabhi and gets more impressed. Runjhun says Aastha told me that you likes fruits. Balwan says my Bhabhi and starts eating fruits. Runjhun wipes his shoulder with a towel. Goons come there and asks her to love them, and offers money. Balwan gets angry and beats them. Runjhun thinks he don’t have mind, but have strength and money. She will get protection and money, both. Balwan beats the goons. He falls on Runjhun while fighting and have an eye lock. He again beats the goons. Runjhun thanks him. Balwan says he can do anything for his bhabhi and says you are her sister. He drinks juice. Runjhun thinks he is Bhabhi’s puppet and thinks to do something.

Lakshmi gives Prasad to everyone in the house. Jaya and Janki are shocked. Aastha thinks where are you Guru Maa? How I will take Prasad without you telling the truth. Gayatri is about to take Prasad. Jaya stops her and says don’t eat it. Chacha asks why? Angad asks them to say. Jaya and Janki are silent and tensed. Lakshmi says it is an insult to God. Jaya says we are respecting our lives. Janki falls on her feet and asks her not to force them to have Prasad. Lakshmi asks what happened? Janki says Prasad have poison in it. Lakshmi is shocked.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa challenges Aastha that she will make her Aasthik in 5 days. Later she says Jai maa Durga and the Goddess’ garland falls on Aastha’s neck. Everyone is surprised. Aastha thinks how did this miracle happened.

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