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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha planning to do Lakshmi and Shiv’s jugalbandi/face off in the program. Jaya and Janki plan to make Aastha lower in everyone’s eyes and say she will teach her a lesson using the chunari which she is holding in her hand. Aastha comes and they collide with each other, making chunari fall. Aastha says she will pick it and bends down. Jaya asks her not to touch it and asks her to go and do the work. Aastha asks where is Utsav Mandli. Jaya says they are in the outhouse. Aastha goes. Janki asks why did you lie to Aastha. Jaya says if I had told her then she would have reached before us.

Lakshmi calls Gayatri and asks how is she? Gayatri says she is same and tells that she wouldn’t have let her go. Lakshmi blames Aastha and tells that she has to be happy. She invites her for the Utsav. Gayatri says she can’t come as Sharda is not here. Lakshmi says I am happy that you cares for your sasural more than your mayka. Guru maa comes. Gayatri thinks she will come for forever. Guru maa tells that she has called the bhajan mandli. Lakshmi says Govind told her that Aastha is doing the arrangements. Guru maa says Aastha is new and that’s why she called them. She says she is doubtful on her decision to choose Aastha. Lakshmi says we all trust you and you can’t be wrong. Guru maa thinks I have done mistake and that’ why doing this.

Shiv is practicing to play music. Aastha comes. Shiv says he is repairing the table. Aastha says I didn’t ask and says this table is alright. Shiv says he was not playing music on table. Aastha asks him to tell truth and goes near him. He asks her not to take his advantage. Aastha says she is his wife and friend, and when a woman don’t get her rights then she snatches it like this. Shiv holds her closely and asks you wants rights….take it. Aastha gets shy and runs away. Shiv laughs.

Aastha comes to Guru maa and says she wants to talk to her. She says we have to send bhajan mandli back. Guru maa says then how will this Utsav happen and asks why she is taking interest when she don’t believe on all this. Aastha says she just wants Lakshmi and Shiv to sing together and says this will make mum-son relation well. Guru maa says you are right, but I can’t send them back. She says there is a difference between dream and reality and says I am with you, but can’t send the mandli back. She says I will not do wrong and asks her to trust her. Guru maa says I will get blessings of God, but what I will get from you, and asks her to end the matter right there. Aastha is tensed.

Bhajan Mandli performs while the guests and family members looks on. Aastha thinks she couldn’t do what she wanted to do. Suddenly some powder falls on Bhajan mandli people and they start feeling itching. Jaya and Janki smirks as it is their plan. Guru maa asks Bhajan Mandli what happened? Bhajan Mandli refuses to sing and do jagrata and complains of itching. Govind tries to stop them, but they leave. The guests say if the function is over now. Govind asks them to have patience and tell that they will find some solution.

Balwan asks Runjhun to serve juice to guest. Runjhun tells that she is having pain in her hand. Balwan asks her to rest. Runjhun thinks he behaves like a servant. Aastha comes to her and says she will convince Lakshmi and Shiv to sing and asks Runjhun to dance. Runjhun thinks this is the good way to make them realize that she is not Servant’s wife and hugs Aastha. Guru maa hears them. Govind calls Bhajan mandli, but nobody is free. Aastha and Shiv come there. Aastha asks Lakshmi and Shiv to do jugalbandi and save their respect. Lakshmi refuses.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi refuses to sing along with Shiv and tells that Govind will manage to call other bhajan mandli. Runjhun practices dance. Guru maa asks her not to dance. The guests ask them not to call them if they make such bad arrangements.

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