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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Lakshmi that his friend told that market is closed and he can’t help us. Janki and Jaya ask Lakshmi if they will wear old sarees. Runjhun says where did Lakshmi go now? Lakshmi goes. Jaya blames Lakshmi and Aastha. Everyone goes inside. Aastha looks on. Little boy enters inside house. Aastha thinks just 25 mins left now, what I can do in such short time. Moriya song plays. He goes to room and looks at the saree. Radhika tells Guru maa what she can do in 30 mins. Gurumaa asks what did you do? Radhika says don’t know why sarees were missing from the box which I brought. Radhika says we both can’t do anything now, it seems Agarwal family have to do puja in old clothes. Boy ties the sarees. Aastha comes inside house. Boy looks at her. Jaya searches for new saree in Janki’s wardrobe and asks her to wear some saree. Janki says I have worn this on my anniversary and everyone knows. Aastha comes to room and sees sarees on floor. She picks it up and keeps it on bed. Boy hides under the bed. Aastha gets an idea.

Govind asks Lakshmi to come inside and says sthapana was more important than wearing new sarees. Lakshmi regrets her decision for giving responsibility to Aastha and says everyone have to wear old saree now. Govind asks her not to feel bad and says you did what everyone would do. Lakshmi asks what I will tell everyone. Runjhun says Badi Maa called everyone in hall. Jaya says may be she brought new sarees for us. Lakshmi says no, and tells that mahurat is after 10 mins, and we have to place Ganpathi first. She says she got some sarees for the storeroom which they have worn for once. Janki says but jewellery will be new. Lakshmi says jewellery will also be old and asks them to wear old jewellery. Gurumaa and Radhika discuss that Aastha might be hidden somewhere. They see Saree flying in air and fell near the God. They see Aastha bringing sarees and ask whose saree is this? Aastha says it is for whom I have brought new sarees. Govind asks how did you do wonder. Aastha says she has stitched the sarees and made it one, and says we will buy new sarees for visarjan. Jaya praises Aastha. Runjhun asks how did you stitched some fast. Aasha tells that they have learnt stitching in school. She tells Lakshmi that house rules will not changed. Govind says we will get Ganapati ji.

Jaya and Janki compliment each other. Lakshmi comes wearing new saree given by Aastha and compliments them. Shiv and others bring Ganapati idol. Lakshmi does tilak of God. Nand Lal tells that this time the ganapati is of chocolate. Aastha thinks who had tied those sarees, I got idea seeing it tied, who might have done this. They do aarti of God. Lakshmi tells that puja happened in the house and tells that the bahu will step in the kitchen whose feet are beautiful, and will make roti whose hands are beautiful. Radhika thinks she got one more opportunity and won’t let Aastha succeed. Govind says lets have Prasad. Lakshmi gives Prasad to Aastha and asks her to eat it as sweets. Aastha smiles and thanks her. Lakshmi says you have earned this with your intelligence. Aastha says you trusted me. Lakshmi says who told you that I trust you. She tells that she has broken her trust when she brought kids saree. She asks Aastha to try and win in the competition. Boy comes out from behind Ganesha and sneezes. Everyone turns and looks at him.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika looks at the fish in the bowl and tells that this fish will make Aastha’s feet dirty. Later she makes Aastha keep her foot in the water having that fish.

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