Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on teleshowupdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Aastha to sleep. Aastha sees anklet beside her pillow and asks Shiv. Shiv says when you was dancing, your Payal broke and that’s why I brought it as thank you gift. He asks how it is? Aastha says it is good. He asks her to wear it. Aastha says she will wear it in the morning. Shiv tosses the coin. Coin is straight. Aastha says let it be. Shiv happens to see her wound and asks why didn’t you tell me. Aastha tells him that when she was dancing some glass piece pierced in her foot. Shiv asks then why did you dance. You would have stopped. Aastha says then your jugalbandi wouldn’t happen. Guru maa walks on the carpet and says when Aastha can walk on the glass pieces carpet then why can’t I. She says you have done injustice with me and asks why did you do this with me. I am your param bhakt and you are supporting that nastik, who don’t believe on your existence. She says I am your favorite daughter and if I get upset with you, then your existence is gone. She says you made me, but I made myself as Guru maa. She says she made people believe on God and if she tells people then everyone will stop believing Her. She says your existence is because of me.

Shiv opens the bandage and tells Aastha that he will take out the glass pieces. Aastha feels pain. Shiv asks her to see in his eyes and praises her. She says you are independent, strong girl who thinks about others happiness. She says whenever you see in my eyes, you will see respect for you. He takes out the glass piece and says he will bandage her wound.

Ashok brings Sharda home. Bhagyashree touches her feet and asks can she call her sasumaa. Ashok says no. Sharda tells her that she can call her sasumaa. Bhagyashree says she will do her aarti like a bahu does. Guru maa apologizes to Goddess and says I have understood your sign, I am your loving daughter and devotee, and nobody can be big devotee than me. She says I know you will help me and not Aastha. She cries, smirks and acts crazy.

Gayatri comes wearing mini shirt infront of Sharda. Ashok brings shawl and covers her. Gayatri says this is fashion and says you don’t know it. Sharda says you haven’t worn such clothes before. Gayatri tells that she don’t want to marry in outdated and poor family, but got stuck here. Bhagyashree asks her to wear clothes like her. Gayatri says she is not like her. Ashok asks her to stay simple in the house. Gayatri asks him to give divorce. Ashok gets angry. Sharda asks her to do whatever she likes. Shiv looks at Aastha while the song tujhse mohabbat hui plays…He makes her wear anklet and says now it is looking more beautiful. He asks her to rest. He then brings a whistle and asks her to play it whenever she is in problem. They sleep.

Lakshmi gets up. Shiv also gets up and thinks if Maa will come to me. He wonders what to do. If he shall go or wish her looking at moon. Lakshmi is also in dilemma and thinks same.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lakshmi and Shiv each other looking at the moon. Gurumaa tells Aastha about the box which Shiv and Lakshmi bury in the garden area. Aastha falls in the pit. Guru maa thinks she did this to make her impression bad in everyone’s eyes. Aastha cries and shouts calling Shiv and lakshmi.


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