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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Janki and Jaya falling on Lakshmi’s feet and asks her not to force them to have Prasad as there is a poison in the Prasad. Jaya asks her to bring the slate. Janki brings the slate. Lakshmi thinks this is Guru maa’s slate. Lakshmi says there might be other meaning also. Jaya asks her to find out who have added it. Lakshmi eats the Prasad to check. Jaya shouts Didi, what did you do and asks the men to call doctor. Lakshmi says there is no poison in it, nothing have happen to me. Jaya says nothing have happened to you. She apologizes to everyone. Lakshmi distributes Prasad to others. Jaya tells Janki what was written on the slate then? Lakshmi asks Shiv to take Prasad. Shiv takes it, but ignores her. Lakshmi recalls Shiv touching her feet and telling that he bends down infront of God and his mum. Aastha hesitantly forward her hand to take the Prasad. She thinks how I will take prasad without Guru maa telling truth. Just then Angad tells that Guru maa came.

Aastha sees her family and gets happy. She hugs Sharda. Guru maa says I called them here as I have important decision to say to both families. Aastha thinks now her mum can explain better from where did the misunderstanding start. Guru maa asks Balwan and Runjhun to sit on the sofa. Servant brings shagun chunari. Guru maa covers both of them with it and says from today they are one.

Balwan asks what? Lakshmi says what does it mean? Guru maa asks Bahadur to play the video. Everyone is shocked to see Reporter telling that this girl is doing business on the road and is ready to go anywhere with anyone. Janki says characterless daughter of a good family. Runjhun is shocked. Balwan says I was trying to save her and tells that these guys were misbehaving with her. Shiv says I know you both are not like this. Chacha says I will talk to channel. Shiv asks him to talk to them. Aastha asks how can they ruin my sister’s image. Lakshmi says this is our matter too and I will talk to Channel people, won’t let anything wrong happen to my bahu’s family. Guru maa tells that this news haven’t reached to the TV and tells that some well wisher gave this news to her, but she has opposition which is hard to handle. Sharda asks Guru maa to do something.

Guru maa tells that they have to give more good news than this and calls media there. She tells media that today is their son Balwan and Sharda’s daughter Runjhun. She says engagement will happen today and asks Lakshmi to bring rings. Jaya and Janki get irked. Guru maa sends Angad and Nandu to get something. Runjhun tries to speak. Guru maa says you are our respect and I won’t let anything happen to you. Sharda thanks Guru maa. Guru maa tells that Aastha and Runjhun are same for her. Govind thanks Guru maa and praises for her decision. He says you are God for us. Guru maa says she is God’s Bhakt.

Janki acts to commit suicide and tells that she has no sister to make her dewrani. She tells that she will die as Aastha and runjhun will rule in this house. Jaya says you can’t die. Janki asks her to die too. Janki tries to suicide, but couldn’t. Jaya says you can’t do this work well like other works and says now we have to make arrangements for Balwan and Runjhun’s wedding also. She asks her to come. Guru maa is checking the rings. Aastha comes to her and says whatever you have done today, can’t be done by anyone. She says you should have told my truth before fixing their alliance.

Guru maa tells that if she had told the truth to everyone, then they might not be happy and would have thought if elder sister is nastik then how would be younger one. She says if this has not happened, then I wouldn’t have stopped this news and your sister’s image might have been ruined. She asks her to keep the secret as secret and says this is the small price for the family happiness. Lakshmi comes and asks what you are talking about. Guru maa says she was talking about the happenings. She asks her to check the rings. Aastha recalls Guru maa saving Runjhun, Sharda thanking Guru maa, and her words. She thinks whatever she has done for my sister was right, but I can’t let my relation build on lie.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Guru maa tells Aastha that God has given her sign and tells that during your muh dikhayi, God will show miracle so that she starts believing on God. Guru maa shouts jai maa durga, and the flower garland from Goddess’ neck flies in air and falls on Aastha’s neck. Aastha is shocked.

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