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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha asking Guru maa to accept her, the way she is. Guru maa looks at her and goes. Aastha gets sad. Kahan Ka Khuda hai plays……She looks at the idol. Gurumaa thinks your sister’s marriage is just 5 days away and tells that she will make her aasthik in people’s eyes, even if she don’t believe in God.

Lakshmi comes to kitchen and tells Aastha that she wants to give her responsibility. She says for Balwan and Runjhun’s marriage, you have to make Oos ki mithai. She asks her to mix kesar and elaichi in the milk and tells the recipe. She says the more the sweeter will be this sweet, it is said that bahu of the house fills sweetness in the relations. Aastha puts the milk in the heavy utensil and thinks of Gurumaa’s words. Milk gets boiled up and flows out.

Lakshmi scolds her and says if I can love you, then I can scold you too. Aastha apologizes to her. Govind asks Lakshmi not to be strict with her. Lakshmi says she has to be strict and asks him to let her handle her responsibility. Govind shows the keys and asks her to handle factory and the masalas, and asks says he will handle home and relations. Lakshmi gets upset and says ok.

Prasad (Dog) comes to Aastha. Aastha says I can’t tell anyone and says she can’t tell anyone. Shiv comes and tells Aastha that Balwan and Runjhun’s marriage is their responsibility. Aastha is sad. Shiv asks her to tell. Aastha says she is fine and tells that she shared her feelings with Prasad. She asks him to spend time with Prasad and goes. Shiv asks him to tell Prasad what Aastha said. He tells Prasad that he will make friendship with Aastha and will tell her why he can’t accept her as his wife.

Aastha comes out to get milk and gives money to cow shed owner. She says she didn’t know, but she will try. She tells that she will draw the milk and pray to Cow to help her. Shiv comes and says I was searching you in the house. Aastha says I will draw milk. Shiv says I will divert cow so that you can draw milk. Aastha draws milk. Shiv looks at him sitting at other side and asks shall I help. Aastha nods no. She draws the milk. Shiv asks her to give her hand as cow can kick her. Cow kicks her and she falls down on Shiv. Shiv scolds her. Lakshmi comes there. Aastha tells her that she will make sweets now. Lakshmi says ok and asks Shiv why is she punishing Aastha. Shiv says I will live my life my way. Lakshmi says I will not let you do injustice with Aastha, you have to behave well like a husband with her.

Aastha boils the milk and thinks to keep it in the oas ki mithai. Guru maa comes there and tells Aastha that sweet will become sweet even if she don’t add sugar. Aastha says I don’t believe in this. Guru maa says miracle will happen again and asks her not to add sugar and see. Aastha asks her not to play with her. Guru maa asks why you are tensed and tells that when the sweets become sugary then you will know, for others it is a miracle, but for you it is science. Aastha says she will add the sugar. Aastha comes outside the house. Lakshmi says you have to keep eye on this sweets all night, and asks her to ask Shiv if she needs anything. Shiv comes. Lakshmi asks Shiv to take care of her. She thinks Aastha is the right girl for you and your relation will be complete.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aastha thinks sweet is ready and asks Prasad, the dog to take care of her sweet. Someone comes. Later Guru maa apologizes to God and says she did it deliberately.