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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

he Episode starts with Shiv taking Ganesh inside room. Ganesh signs him that his rat toy is lost. Shiv says I will search it and asks him to sit in the trolley without making any sound. He sees Radhika cutting the brinjal and adding gun powder in it, and saying just as Aastha put this brinjal on stove, big dhamaka will happen which might not harm her, but she will be out of competition. She says everyone will think her careless and says you can bear some pain for me.

Janki makes Prasad eats the vegetable which Jaya is going to make in competition. Jaya comes there, and asks what she is hiding. Janki says nothing. Jaya plans to change her paneer with plastic pieces so that she gets disqualified. Shiv comes back to Ganesh and take him to room. Gurumaa wonders where is Radhika. Lakshmi asks her about Radhika’s MRI report. Gurumaa gets tensed and tells that still Radhika has wounds in her head, and will take time to be fine. Radhika comes and signs Guru maa that work is done.

Lakshmi tells them they will get 1 hour to make the vegetable and says the best vegetable will be presented to God and the other bahus vegetables will be given to needy. She says she will come again after 1 hour. Aastha is about to cut brinjal. Radhika thinks this way Aastha will see the powder. Shiv asks Ganesh not to go out, else it will be a problem. He asks him to sit until he go and changes his clothes. Ganesh tries to open the door, gets an idea and smiles.

Janki says why my stove is not lighting. Jaya says my stove is lighted. They argue. Radhika asks Aastha not to cut the Brinjal, instead keep it on stove and cook. Ganesh plays Ganapati aarti song aloud. Aastha goes to check. Others also knock on Shiv’s room and asks Shiv why did he play aarti at high volume. He says he didn’t play it, and then says that when he switched on music player, it was on high volume itself. Ganesh manages to come out of room. Aastha returns and thinks already 5 mins is wasted. She tries to light the stove and thinks why it is not burning.

Runjhun smirks and says she has taken pin of her stove, and says your stove will not burn, you can’t make vegetable, then I will win this competition. Radhika gets upset too as her plan is ruining. Lakshmi asks Aastha what happened? Aastha says it is not burning. Lakshmi checks and says its pin is missing, go and make vegetable in gas. Radhika takes brinjals in her hand and says she will help her. Lakshmi looks on. Aastha keeps the brinjal on stove. Ganesh puts stove out. Jaya and Janki are changing each other stuff.

Runjhun thinks to ruin both of their stuff. She comes back and sees Jaya and Janki on each other stove area and asks what they are doing there. They are shocked. Radhika says she will check cylinder. Jaya and Janki laugh. They tell that they helped each other. Janki makes Jaya taste plastic paneer. Jaya makes her taste it. Janki makes face and says it is good. Runjhun thinks they have spoiled each other food, now I don’t need to add sand in their dish. She finds her ladies finger dish burning and shouts. Jaya and Janki get happy. Radhika checks the cylinder. Ganesh hits on her hand. She tells Aastha that someone hit her. Aastha understands that Ganesh is there and checks. She sends Radhika to bring cylinder and takes Ganesh to room. Aastha takes Ganesh to room and asks him to be there. Ganesh falls down on floor.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Lakshmi tries to cook the brinjal to help Aastha while she is coming there, and the brinjal is about to burst.

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