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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi and Shiv thinking to wish each other. Govind wakes up hearing the alarm and says it is 12 am. Aastha wakes up and thinks where did Shiv go. Shiv comes out of house and says happy birthday maa. Lakshmi is standing in the balcony and says happy birthday beta. Aastha sees them wishing each other looking at moon. Govind comes there and tells Aastha that today is their birthday and they think that they are fortunate to born on the same day. Aastha asks why did they wish each other looking at the star/moon. Govind says there is a story behind it, and tells that Lakshmi and Shiv named the star as ShivMa tara, and says it was last birthday which they celebrated today. Aastha looks on.

Bhagyashree gives water to Sharda and asks her not to worry, says she will come. Gayatri comes there holding wine bottle and is drunk. She asks why you are awake. Sharda asks are you drunk? Gayatri says today is my mother’s birthday, but I am away from her because of you. She falls on Ashok. Sharda asks Ashok to make her sleep. Gayatri signs Bhagyashree as she is not drunk and acting. Bhagyashree says you have given shelter to trouble.

Aastha comes to Guru maa and greets her. Guru maa asks about her wound. Aastha says yesterday something pierced her foot. She asks why she is sad. Guru maa says lakshmi and shiv’s birthday is today and they don’t greet each other. Aastha says Govind told her and says she will not wish Shiv until he wishes Lakshmi. Guru maa says it is good. She tells them that Lakshmi and Shiv had buried a box with their wishes in it 10 years back. Aastha says she will search that box. Aastha thinks box must be in garden and thinks to tell truth to Shiv once everything becomes fine between Lakshmi and Shiv. Aastha goes to Garden.

Everyone gather in the hall. Guru maa wishes happy birthday to Lakshmi. Shiv touches her feet. Everyone wishes them. Shiv asks where is Aastha? Lakshmi tells Guru maa that Aastha came to her and wished her happy birthday. Guru maa says if she wished Shiv and blames herself for choosing Aastha and says she doesn’t know if Aastha do the mistake intentionally or unintentionally. Lakshmi looks on. Aastha searches for the box. Shiv thinks Aastha didn’t wish me till now and sees gift on bed. He thinks Aastha remembered my birthday. Balwan comes and says he kept the gift for him. Aastha steps on the ground and she falls in the big pit. Guru maa closes it with a lid. Balwan asks Shiv to check. Shiv thinks where is Aastha.

Aastha calls for Shiv and gets scared. He gets Gayatri’s call and she wishes him happy birthday. Shiv thanks her. Gayatri asks if he wished maa. Shiv says you know everything. Shiv asks if Aastha came there. Gayatri says no and asks whose marriage she is doing now. Shiv says you know that she didn’t do anything. Gayatri says she don’t want to spoil his mood and ends the call.

Aastha shouts or Shiv, lakshmi and Govind. Gurumaa says Aastha will be there inside till Shiv and Lakshmi’s birthday gets finished. Aastha cries. Shiv asks Angad if he saw Aastha. Angad says no, and says may be she is planning surprise for you. Shiv thinks he searched her everywhere in the house, and she didn’t go to her mum’s house. Aastha gets scared of many rats inside the hole and shouts for Shiv and Lakshmi. Aastha continues to cry.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv asks Guru maa if she saw Aastha. Guru maa flatly refuses to know where is she? Aastha cries as rats climbed on to her dress.

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