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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv tells Aastha that he thought to come and help her as he knows she gets scared with darkness. He asks did you forget Manali’s ghost house incident. Aastha asks how do you know. Shiv says your little friends told me and tells her that they shall make tent. He asks Aastha to hold it and it falls. He asks what you have done. Aastha says it is your mistake. Shiv says ok. They lift tent again and falls under it. They have a romantic eye lock. They get up. Aastha tells Shiv that he doesn’t know how to make tent. Shiv says I can do alone. Aastha smiles and helps him. They make the tent. Aastha says she has to sit outside and keep an eye on the sweets. Shiv gives her blanket and asks her to take it. Aastha asks him to take it. Shiv says man don’t feel cold. Khawabon ki razayi main…plays….

Aastha covers herself with blanket and asks Shiv to come seeing him feeling cold. He lights the bonfire and asks her to share blanket with him, says he is feeling cold. Runjhun calls Balwan and says she is excited about tomorrow’s puja and asks what he will give in gift. He asks if she wants to know about the gift, and says just like I am excited about laddoos, you are excited about gifts. Runjhun says it is not like that and tells that her mum says that one shall accept husband whole heartedly and says she accepts him in 2 clothes and is ready to stay with him in hut. She ends the call. Ashok tells Runjhun that he is sure that she is marrying him for money and asks why she is troubling Balwan, even after knowing that she will live luxurious life after marriage.

Aastha sees the water droplets on the leaves and picks it in her arm. Shiv also does the same. Aastha says relations are like these drops. She thinks Shiv accepts her after knowing her truth. Shiv thinks their relation will not be affected after knowing his truth. He looks at her and moves her hairs. Song plays. Aastha asks him to sleep. Shiv says no and asks her to sleep, but he sleeps on her shoulder. Aastha is awake and thinks she has to be awake and keep eye on the milk. Lakshmi comes and sees Shiv sleeping on Aastha’s shoulder, and Aastha keeping eye on the sweets. She smiles.

Shiv and Aastha wake up in the morning. Prasad (the dog) comes and barks. Shiv asks her to take sweets inside. Aastha takes it. Ashok asks Pandit sitting on road to check his palm and tell if his insurance policy will be sold. Pandit ji asks him to do puja and give 100 Rs. Ashok tries to sell the policy and sees Pandit gone. Pandit is seen sitting on the tree. Ashok goes.

Aastha thinks sweets is ready and thinks to take bath. She asks Prasad to keep eye on the sweets. Someone comes. Dog barks. Guru maa is seen in the temple and sees Jaya and Janki standing behind her. She tells that she is sure that Aastha will make nice sweets and asks God to help her. She says if Aastha couldn’t make sweets properly then her value will be lessened. Jaya and Janki hears her and think to spoil the sweets. Guru maa hears them and thinks she did it deliberately to make them jealous and spoils Aastha’s sweets. She says then God will show the miracle and make believe in God.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa takes Aastha to Shama kaksh and tells her that she will call her Baba’s soul today. She pretends to call his soul and tells that his dead was destined etc. Aastha asks him/her to tell lori which he used to sing for her. Guru maa tells the lori. Aastha is shocked and thinks it miracle really happens.