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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gurumaa tying Rakhi to Govind and is scared about the poisonous rakhi. Govind touches her feet. She blesses him. She then ties rakhi to Chacha ji. Chacha ji and Govind gives her envelope. Gurumaa says she don’t want anything and tells that they have given her much although she is name sake sister of them. Govind says it is our good luck that you let us stay with you. Gurumaa ties Rakhi to Lakshmi and Jaya. She then asks Gayatri to tie rakhi to Shiv. Shiv shouts. Aastha asks are you fine? He scolds Gayatri for tying rakhi tightly. Gayatri says I didn’t tie rightly. Gurumaa thinks don’t know who has death in their luck. Gayatri ties rakhi to Angad and Balwan and take gift from them. Aastha is shocked and tensed. Gayatri ties rachis to Janki and Runjhun. Lakshmi signs her to tie rakhi to Aasth. Gayatri does her aarti. Gurumaa picks the plate and asks Runjhun to tie rakhi to Ashok. Gurumaa thinks poisonous rakhi will go to Ashok now just as I thought about it.

Gurumaa smirks and looks at Aastha. She thinks Ashok has to die from your hand. She asks Aastha to tie rakhi to Ashok. Aastha sees one rakhi left and thinks this is the poisonous one as everyone is fine. She picks the rakhi, goes towards Ashok with teary eyes and then goes to Runjhun, she tells before I tie rakhi to bhaiyya, you tie this rakhi to me. Runjhun says I…Aastha says I had promised you that I will take care of you. Runjhun says ok. Ashok asks her to tie rakhi. Just as Runjhun ties Rakhi, Aastha faints and falls down on floor. Gurumaa smirks. Shiv and others run to Aastha and asks her to say something. Balwan and ashok get worried too. Gurumaa smirks.

Lakshmi asks Govind to call Doctor. Gurumaa asks everyone to keep quiet and says I told that trouble will come on Aastha, as she is an atheist. Ashok pleads infront of Gurumaa to save Aastha and says she shall not be punished for being atheist. Gurumaa says she will try to make her fine and Shiv to keep her in the temple. She asks them to go far from temple. Shiv asks Gurumaa to save Aastha. Gurumaa ties the antidote thread to Aastha’s hand and opens the poisonous rakhi and keeps it infront of Goddess.. She sprinkles water on Aastha face. She puts hand on Aastha’s neck and keeps hand on herself neck. She pretends to pray and her neck turns blue. She plays the shank. Aastha gains consciousness.

Gurumaa pretends to get weak while saving Aastha. Shiv asks Aastha if she is fine. Janki says Gurumaa’s neck turned blue. Jaya applauds for her. Lakshmi asks Gurumaa if she is fine. Gurumaa says yes and tells that God is with her. She says I took out poison from Aastha’s body. Govind asks from where did it come? Jaya says may be food poisoning. Aastha says may be this has happened, else from where poison would come. Jaya and Janki tell that Gurumaa saved Aastha who don’t believe her. Aastha thinks without proofs I can’t tell anyone.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurumaa calls someone and asks to meet her when everyone sleeps. Aastha is walking in the house. Gurumaa applies lipstick and wears modern short outfit with jewellery etc like that of bar dancer and poses infront of a cameraman. Aastha comes inside and is shocked.

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