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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha coming to Lakshmi and Guru Maa and says my mehendi. Sharda comes and tells that there is still 1 hour and mehendi color will get darker. Lakshmi says yes, we will show your mehendi infront of all. Sharda takes Aastha with her. Govind says Aastha is also concerned as you. Lakshmi smiles. Aastha asks if she got mehendi. Sharda says no and says everyone has many hopes from you. Aastha says Shiv’s initial is enough. They hear servant keeping mehendi to color God’s clothes. Sharda takes the mehendi bowl and asks Aastha to apply. Aastha refuses and says it is kept for God. Sharda asks her to think it as mehendi and applies on her hand. They come to the hall after some time. Janki asks Jaya to hide her face. Govind asks Shiv to stay as his to be wife’s mehendi will be shown. Sharda worries thinking Aastha couldn’t apply mehendi for even for an hour. Lakshmi is taking off Aastha’s mehendi.

Guru Maa asks Jaya to uncover her face and asks what happened to your face. Jaya and Janki tell that she had used expired make up. Lakshmi removes the mehendi. Aastha sees God’s pic on her mehendi and is surprised. Sharda smiles. They praise her mehendi color. Guru Maa tells that it is a blessing of God and asks Balwan to bring Camera. Radhika is upset. Chacha takes Aastha’s mehendi. Guru Maa sees the pic and tells that Aastha’s pic will be pasted above Lakshmi’s mehendi’s pic. Govind and Lakshmi smiles. Aastha looks on surprised.

Aastha sees her mehendi photo pic on above the wall. Guru maa blesses her and says you have lived upto my hopes. Jaya asks Janki, how can Palak have color. Aastha asks Sharda why did she apply God’s impression on her hand and says people will think she is devotee of God, but she is nastik. Jaya and Janki blame each other. Chacha asks what happened? Jaya says my face is ruined because of you. Janki tells that they have kept Palak instead of mehendi. Govind hears them and slaps Angad and says he shall slap Nandu also. He says he has slapped him as he couldn’t handle his wife and says whoever is having jealousy etc have no place in the house and goes.

Gayatri covers dupatta on Aastha’s head and says you are looking pretty and will look good on marriage day also. Sharda says I will come and goes. Aastha is alone. Shiv thinks to talk to her now. Balwan comes and tells that some toothpaste thief is roaming here. Jaya and Janki hear her and think of adding toothpaste in palak. Balwan says he will catch that thief. Jaya and Janki ask him to come and have laddo.

Shiv comes downstairs and tells that he wants to talk to her something thinking Aastha is sitting. She is about to stand, but Shiv asks her to sit and tells that he can’t marry her as he loves Radhika. He says he has gathered courage to tell this to her, even if he marries her but he can’t keep her happy. He says I want to marry only Radhika and asks her to forgive him. Lakshmi is seen sitting at Aastha’s place and is quite shocked. Shiv’s words echoes in her ears. Lakshmi recalls telling Gayatri why did she make Aastha sit first and tells Aastha that she will do this rasam first and then her. She sits on Aastha’s place. Later Balwan comes there. Gayatri asks him to go and says guys are not allowed. Guru Maa asks Lakshmi to start the rasam and says mahurat is ending. Lakshmi thinks about Shiv’s words and looks at Aastha and Radhika.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Lakshmi asks Shiv if he has maintained distance with her that he is not telling her about his likes and dislikes. Shiv asks what do you mean. Lakshmi says if he is marrying with his wish.

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