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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ganesh trying to explain Aastha through actions about Radhika conspiracy. Aastha says she needs to go, but couldn’t understand. Lakshmi comes to kitchen and sees Radhika cutting tomatoes in kitchen. She stops her. Radhika tells her that Aastha went somewhere, she got the cylinder changed and was cutting vegetable so that when she comes, she can make it fast. Lakshmi thinks Aastha is careless and asks her to search Aastha and bring her here. Ganesh takes aarti plate and makes brinjal and blast image presentation on floor with kumkum, but Aastha don’t understand anything. Shiv comes there and sees it carefully. Lakshmi thinks she shall make brinjal herself. Gurumaa asks Radhika if she thought of any plan to make Aastha lose.

Radhika says she has done her work so that her vegetable will be best and Aastha’s vegetable dish will be ruined. She asks her to go and check. Aastha comes to kitchen and sees Lakshmi making the brinjal. She recalls what Ganesh was trying to say and immediately takes cooker and covers brinjal with it. Radhika takes Lakshmi to side. Bomb explodes in cooker and the cooker turns black. They are shocked.

Govind tells everyone that bomb was inside the brinjal and says Aastha and Radhika have saved Lakshmi. Nand Lal says who might have done this. Balwan says what an idea? Radhika smiles. Janki says someone must have kept bomb in it. Gurumaa says it might be some pesticide and panics. They believe her. Janki says Aastha’s vegetable is ruined. Jaya says this is all happened because she is a nastik. She does mistakes and we have to suffer. Janki says if you have washed it, then this wouldn’t have happen. Aastha gets teary eyes. Gurumaa says it means Radhika had saved Lakshmi. Janki says Aastha risked her life, but Radhika saved her. Gurumaa blesses her and asks Lakshmi to give her a chance to keep her sabzi in bhog. Lakshmi agrees.

Gurumaa asks Radhika if she wants this chance. Radhika says she will be very happy and feel lucky. Lakshmi says ok and tells that Bappa’s bhog have time still. Janki asks if Aastha will get chance. Lakshmi says Aastha is careless and will not get any chance now. She gets upset with her. Later she checks Jaya’s dish and something falls down. Prasad eats it. Angad checks and says it is Dog food.

Janki recalls coloring Dog food and putting in her dish. Lakshmi asks her to accept her defeat and stay silent. Lakshmi checks Janki’s matar paneer and says it is not paneer, but plastic. Jaya recalls adding plastic in it. Lakshmi scolds them for trying to make each other lose. Nand Lal and Angad ask them not to let them participate in any in any competition. Lakshmi checks Runjhun’s dish and says burning smell is coming. So winner is Radhika. Gurumaa asks to keep the bhog fast and asks Runjhun to give food to needy. Aastha gets sad. Radhika smirks. They do aarti. Aastha thinks about lakshmi’s words. She comes to room and sees spider on Shiv’s hand. Ganesh sees it and jumps on bed. Shiv asks why you are jumping and keeps hand on his mouth. Ganesh takes their photos. Shiv asks her to delete those pics. Aastha says ok. She asks if you could find about Ganesh. He says he went, but couldn’t know anything. Aastha says we will try again, and you will soon meet your parents.

Gurumaa tells Lakshmi that modak stuff have come. They see big modak mould. Balwan says all bhabhis will make modak. Lakshmi says not all, but only Aastha will make modak this time. Aastha is happy.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv searches for Aastha. Aastha is about to put hot khowa in the mould where Ganesh is hidden.

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