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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya telling that we all are saved. Janki says Gurumaa have saved Aastha who don’t believe her. Gurumaa asks govind to call doctor and asks him not to come there. Ashok asks Aastha to come to his house for few days. Aastha says she gets happiness and peace in this house and says I felt good that you have asked me. She opens the thread which Gurumaa tied to her, and ties on Ashok’s hand. She says I am sorry that I couldn’t tie you rakhi. Ashok says it is the best gift till today and kisses on her forehead. Aastha says she needs special gift and asks him to take care of Gayatri well. Ashok nods and says he would have been happy if she can come. Balwan says I will drop you to room. Aastha nods and is about to fall on Shiv being weak. Shiv lifts her and takes her to room. Aastha looks at him. Piya plays…….

Aastha mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. They have an eye lock. Aastha says if you move back then my mangalsutra will break. Shiv says I have already moved back, now I don’t care if this mangalsutra or relation breaks. Aastha frees her mangalsutra, and says it does matter to her. Shiv asks her to drink water. Aastha asks why you were worried about me outside. Shiv says she is his responsibility and once she goes out, he will not look at her. Once he goes, Aastha drinks water. Shiv comes, looks at her and goes. Aastha smiles. Shiv looks at Aastha’s cycle in the garden. Lakshmi comes there and says she has seen how much he was worried about Aastha. She says I can make you walk, but can’t tell you on which way you will walk and what you want to get, as your life will be affected by your decision. She asks him to take a decision wisely as it is his life. Gurumaa sees the video in which Reporter telling about Gurumaa’s miracles and says some people are calling her God, if she is really God. Gurumaa smiles. Aastha comes and says that will be only question.

Gurumaa laughs and says hamari nastik Aastha.. and says it is a big thing if the question is marked. Aastha shows the rakhi and says you tried to kill my brother. Gurumaa says no and says she would have rescue him too like she saved her, by tying antidote thread to her head. Aastha asks how did you make your neck blue. Gurumaa says she will show her. She applies chemical on her neck and says she had applies on her neck and then on herself neck. She says it is difficult to become God, and says if you had become Aasthik then I wouldn’t have done this. She takes the rakhi and keeps on her idol. She says she will declare her as Goddess on Janmasthami and you can’t do anything, laughs. Aastha goes. Gurumaa gets a call and asks someone to meet her when everyone sleeps. Aastha hears her. Gurumaa smiles.

Sharda tells Ashok that Guru maa has saved Aastha and I shall thank her. Ashok asks her to go after 2 days after she gets fine. Sharda asks if he is hiding something. Ashok says no. Sharda goes. Bhagyashsree cries and says she didn’t tie rakhi to her brother and says she is getting tears. Gayatri brings Rakhi and asks her to tie Rakhi to Ashok and says even Ashok is like a brother to you. Bhagyashree shouts and goes. Gayatri signs Ashok what she means.

Gurumaa gets ready applies nail polish, make up, accessories wearing a short dress. Cameraman clicks pics. Aastha is shocked to see her. Camera man says you always get your photo clicked, but never shows to anyone. He asks her to let him make her pics viral. Gurumaa slaps him and says if her bhakts see her pics like this then they will be shocked. She says she gets the pics clicked for her own happiness, and is fed up of wearing white saree. She takes the album and goes to change her clothes. Aastha thinks this is your other avatar and says this is the last day to fool everyone. She thinks to call everyone and rings temple bell to call everyone. Gurumaa changes her dress and gets the pics clicked. Lakshmi and others come there.. She asks what is this?


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