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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha coming to bathroom and seeing Shiv. She shouts and runs out. Shiv asks what you are doing in my bathroom. Aastha asks him to wear towel first and tells that it is my bathroom too. Shiv says you could have knocked on the door. Aastha says she is going. Shiv asks her to give his soap which is outside. Aastha while keeping hand on her eyes tries to give soap dish to Shiv, slips and they fall in the bathtup together. Dekho Na song plays…..She slips again. He holds her while shower is still on. Aastha goes. Shiv thinks what I am doing, plan was to make friendship, and not romance. He thinks to stick to his decision. Aastha is making sweets. Janki and Jaya comes. Janki asks if she is making sweets. Aastha tells that she is making sweets for Runjhun’s first pooja.

Janki diverts her, while Jaya adds ants in the sugar bottle. One of the ant irritates jaya and she starts dancing. Aastha asks why you are dancing. Jaya makes excuse and asks her to add sugar at the end and goes. Aastha says ok.

Runjhun, Sharda, Ashok comes home. Aastha hugs Sharda. Runjhun thinks there is no decoration in my Pooja. Janki tells that ants are carnivores and bitten her. Jaya says we have to bear this. Lakshmi tells them that Aastha made the sweets. Aastha says Shiv and Prasad helped her. Runjhun thinks Aastha did magic on even dog. Balwan says I will finished everything. Lakshmi gives her bangles and coin. Runjhun gets upset. Guru maa tells that they thought to do the function grand, but Balwan wants it simple. Balwan says I believe Runjhun is like Bhabhi and that’s why she might like simplicity. Ashok tells that Runjhun likes you. Runjhun says everything is hers after marriage. Guru maa asks Aastha to go and bring sweets. Lakshmi asks if she will not attend puja. Guru maa says Aastha is God’s daughter and have made sweets with her hand. Ashok goes out to relieve himself of gastric trouble. Gayatri comes and asks him to come for Puja. Runjhun and Balwan do the aarti together.

Aastha checks the sweets and opens the sugar bottle. She sees ants in the sugar and thinks to check if there is more sugar. Lakshmi asks Gayatri to call Aastha. Jaya and Janki say I will bring. Aastha searches for the sugar. Jaya comes and says you can’t do anything wrong, and says your sister rasam is spoiled and you will get scolded by Didi. Aastha asks her to call ration shop and says she will order sugar. While Aastha orders sweets on phone, Janki comes slowly and takes sugar with her. Aastha tries to stop her. Jaya tells that she was searching for the sugar, when Janki came and took the sweets. Janki brings the sweets. Lakshmi asks where is Aastha. Janki says she was talking on phone so I brought. Guru maa says you did good by bringing sweets.

Aastha says what will happen now. Guru maa asks Runjhun to distribute sweets to everyone. Runjhun puts sweets in the mud bowls and adds dry fruits. Everyone take the sweets. Aastha says how can they have sweets without sugar and says we shall go and stop them. Jaya asks how can we stop her. Aastha asks her to come. Govind tells Aastha that it is so good. Everyone praise the sweets made by Aastha. Aastha looks at Guru maa. Guru maa smiles. Jaya asks Janki to make her taste the sweets and thinks miracle happened again. Gurumaa blesses Runjhun. Aastha thinks how did this happen, I was keeping eye on the sweets round the corner then.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurumaa tells Aastha that the bhojan will be made with one rice grain and puts in the bowl. Later Guru maa brings Aastha to Shama grah and calls her dead father’s soul. Aastha asks her to tell the lori which he used to sing. She sings the same lori. Aastha thinks if miracle really happens.