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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha seeing Ganesh inside the mould. Radhika asks her to out khowa inside. Aastha tells her that her bangle piece fell inside it and asks her to check backside for the other piece. Radhika says ok and checks behind the mouth. Aastha manages to take Ganesh out and handover him to Shiv. She comes back and sees Radhika taking her khowa and about to put in mould. Aastha questions Radhika why she is putting her khowa and what happened to her(Radhika’s) Khowa. Radhika says it fell down by mistake. Gurumaa brings Lakshmi and Jaya there. They see khowa on floor and sees Radhika put t put khowa in the mould. Radhika smirks. Jaya accuses Aastha for making it fall. Aastha says no. Janki says she is careless too. Radhika smirks. Jaya says you can’t do even this work.

Janki says Aastha has no quality of a good bahu. Gurumaa scolds Aastha for the inauspicious act and says we will not tolerate anymore. Lakshmi looks angrily. Janki says it is good that we have a back up. Radhika tells them that this Khowa is of Aastha. Jaya asks her not to lie. Janki says we know who is responsible and who is careless. Jaya says we don’t want to say, we have seen.

Lakshmi asks Aastha to say. Aastha says I have made this Khowa. Lakshmi says I thought Aastha can do anything, but can’t lie. She says I know you can’t make it. Jaya asks Radhika to put khowa in the mould. Gurumaa and Radhika smirks as Lakshmi taunts Aastha. Aastha is sad.

Aastha is decorating the house. Lakshmi scolds her and says today is the last day of Ganapati. If you couldn’t win everyone’s heart by evening then get ready to leave. She says I can’t hope that you can win anyone here. Aastha is sad.

Shiv and Ganesh are together. Shiv says it is good that I have handcuffed you with my hand. He hears someone coming and asks him to hide. Aastha thinks Lakshmi is right, what she shall do to win family’s heart. She sees water tank leaving. Nand lal comes to Shiv and asks him to come for aarti. He sits down and says we don’t get time to talk. He assures him that they will be with him all life. Shiv is tensed as his hands are cuffed with Ganesh’s hands. Nand Lal goes. Shiv gets a call and says he is coming. He tells Ganesh that he needs to go out now, but don’t go out. Aastha sees water moving towards Modak mould and gets worried. Ganesh sees hair pin kept there. Everyone come to do aarti. Gurumaa asks Lakshmi why Radhika’s modak is not brought.

Lakshmi says they will do aarti first and then bring modak. Gurumaa tells Lakshmi that if Radhika haven’t made modak then they would have presented it to Ganapati ji. She says Radhika is a perfect woman and the house will be lucky where she will go as bahu. Lakshmi unwillingly says yes. They decide to do the aarti without shiv, as he went out. Aastha sees electricity open wire falling in water, making current pass in water. Aastha takes ladder and stands on it. She pushes the modak and calls aloud Shiv and others, but nobody hears her due to the bhajan aarti.

Ganesh comes there. Aastha asks him not to step inside as water is having current. Ganesh manages to stop the electricity passes inside the room. Aastha is relieved. Ganesh pushes the modak mould. They end the aarti. Radhika says she will bring modak. Govind asks her to take someone’s help. She says she will ask Maan Singh to help. Govind calls Shiv, but his phone is unreachable. Balwan says I told you that he went for visarjan work and will return before visarjan. Aastha and Ganesh hold the modak mould and is taking out. Radhika comes there. Aastha hides with Ganesh. Radhika thinks it is good that Aastha is not here, now I will take this modak and impress everyone.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shiv is in his room and tells that he wants to give chance to his love and hugs Radhika thinking her to be Aastha, and says I love you so much. Aastha comes there and is shocked.

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