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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Aastha why did she ring temple bell and called everyone. Jaya says you don’t get inside the temple. Aastha says I didn’t step in even now. Shiv asks why did you call us. Aastha says she wants to show them something. Lakshmi says nobody will see and says nobody trusts you. Aastha says this is necessary for us. Jaya asks her to tell first. Aastha thinks they will not come if I tell truth. She says she saw Gurumaa going to shama grah and asks her to call her ifs he don’t trust her. Lakshmi calls Gurumaa from Janki’s phone and see the number ringing. Gurumaa poses for the pics and says she is tired. Cameraman asks her to pose differently. She pouts. Everyone sees Gurumaa in sensual pose and pout. Everyone is shocked to see Gurumaa doing photo shoot. Jaya says gorgeous Gurumaa.

Gurumaa sees them and acts to be innocent. She wears curtain to cover herself and says she is doing this for her bhakt, who met with an accident. She says she was crying and asked me to take her to shamagrah for penance, but I said that I will do penance and that’s why do penance on her behalf. Aastha asks if you are doing this for your bhakt and whose album is this. Lakshmi says it is of pics. Aastha says we need to see whose pics is it. Lakshmi signs her to check. Aastha takes the album and gives in Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi opens the album and see it. She tells Aastha that it is jagrata’s pics. Gurumaa smiles. Aastha is shocked.

Gurumaa says I know you are feeling bad to see me in these clothes, I wanted to give her peace. She tells Lakshmi that her heart is like candle. Lakshmi says we have seen what we never thought of, and says if you are doing this, then may be for some purpose and asks her to do her work. She looks at Gurumaa’s clothes and goes. Janki asks Jaya from where did she bring small clothes. Jaya says may be due to miracle, and compliment Gurumaa and goes. Aastha is about to go. Gurumaa snatches album from her hand and says jai maa durge. Aastha wakes up and sees Shiv feeling cold while sleeping on sofa. She covers blanket on him. Shiv holds her hand and gets up. He asks her not to try again and goes.

Lakshmi is doing exercise. Govind is about to drink tea. Lakshmi asks her to do Surya namaskar and shows him how to do yoga. She hears tempo sound and says blankets come, and tells that they give it in charity. She says Gurumaa will tell who will do charity this time. Blanket delivery man asks Aastha where to keep it. Aastha asks him to come. Jaya tells Janki that Lakshmi ordered 300 blankets for charity work. They taunt Aastha and asks her to do. Lakshmi comes and says no. She tells Aastha that she knows that she showed fake concern for Gurumaa and took them there. She says you are staying with us, but not our family. Gurumaa smiles. Aastha is sad.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Runjhun faints and falls down. Aastha runs and crosses the line. Govind checks her nerve and says it has stopped. Aastha holds Gurumaa’s neck blaming her for killing Runjhun. Everyone try to stop her.

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