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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha telling Jaya and Janki that Guru maa asked her to make rice and asks what you have done. Jaya and Janki get worried and think Guru maa will punish them. Janki says that’s why Aastha is wearing simple saree and today we eat simple food. Jaya says we have made biryani and added 18 masalas in it, but now Guru maa will grind us. She says we will get rigorous punishment in Shama grah. They touch Aastha’s feet asking her not to tell anything to anyone. Aastha says she will talk to Guru maa and will convince her. Jaya and Janki thank her. Aastha says I will go and talk to her. Once Aastha goes, Jaya and Janki get happy and praises each other idea.

Aastha comes to Guru maa. Guru maa is standing near the God and asks did you bring rice. Aastha tells her that rice grains are spoiled. Guru maa thinks Jaya and Janki must have done this due to jealousy. Aastha says I will tell everyone that this rasam will happen next month. Guru maa says food will be made with the puja rice and takes off rice grain from Aastha’s forehead. Aastha recalls slipping and Shiv holding her and rice gets stuck on her face. Guru maa tells her that today’s bhojan will be made with one rice grain. Aastha thinks how did this happen. Guru maa says just like all rishis were fed with Kunti’s one rice grain. She says I am sure that God will show some miracle and adds grain in the water. Aastha looks on surprising. Gurumaa folds her hand infront of God and covers the utensil. She asks Aastha to have trust and says there is a strength in trust and asks her to be there and says whatever happens will be right infront of you. Aastha looks on. Guru maa says Jai Maa Durge.

Ashok shows saree to Runjhun and says it must be not less than 2 lakhs rs and says this gold coin might worth 10 lakh. He says what is most precious is like your monkey husband and acts like him. Balwan and Gayatri come there. Balwan heard him saying monkey and says he can act well. Ashok hugs him. Balwan says we came to take Runjhun kundli. Ashok sings the song naagin. Gayatri asks why is he wearing different chappals. He tells that someone has stolen his chappal and that’s why he took others chappal, to maintain the balance. Gayatri thinks she can’t believe that he is Aastha’s son. Guru maa tells Aastha that rice is cooked. Angad keeps the utensil. Balwan tells Runjhun that he brought something for her. Runjhun thinks what he bought for me and starts dreaming. Balwan gives her letter and asks her to read and reply to him.

She reads his letter and Balwan writing that she saw Aastha’s reflection in her. Runjhun thinks if this is love letter or essay on Aastha, she thinks to make him dance on her tune after marriage.

Aastha asks Guru maa not to do this and says people will laugh on us if they come to know that we thought to feed them with one rice grain. Gurumaa says no ritual will be changed and says you shall change yourself. Balwan tells that Kundli is found. Ashok asks Runjhun if she will not marry if kundlis don’t match. Everyone gather to have food. Balwan and Gayatri also return home. Guru maa asks Aastha to serve everyone. Aastha thinks what to serve when there is nothing in it. She hesitantly opens the cooking vessel and is shocked to see the vessel full of rice. Guru maa signs her that it is a God’s miracle. Aastha thinks how did this happen. I was here all the time, just 1 grain was kept in the vessel, how did it got filled up. She serves food to everyone. Even Jaya and Janki are shocked and upset. Guru maa looks on. Aastha is surprised.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru maa tells Aastha that she will call his Baba today and says God was not responsible for his death. His soul comes and says his death was destined and God have no role in it. Aastha asks her to tell the lori which he used to sing. Guru maa sings the lori.