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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika coming to kitchen, thinks where is Maan Singh and goes to call him. Aastha tells Ganesh that she will take him to room first then will take modak. She returns and sees modak gone. She gets ready and comes to hall. Gurumaa asks Lakshmi to take some modak. Lakshmi gives modak to gurumaa. Gurumaa distributes it to everyone. Lakshmi tells Aastha to get ready to go back and says even your God can’t stop you. They all see Ganesh standing and the money handi on floor. Jaya says this is the same boy whom Aastha dropped in the police station. Angad says why did he come here? Jaya says he came to steal and is about to slap Ganesh. Aastha holds her hand. Jai Ganesh Deva plays..She says this boy is not thief or ran from police station. She says this is innocent, don’t beat him. Govind says why did you bring him back. Jaya says she don’t respect Lakshmi and making this boy steal the money. Balwan says why will Bhabhi steal? Jaya asks her why did she bring him here. Aastha asks her to tell her anything, but don’t tell anything to him. She tells that the boy is like any other normal kid and his name is Ganesh. She says she took him to police station, but inspector said that he will send him to Orphanage, she brought him home so that he can stay here safely till his parents are found.

Jaya asks what is he doing with the money. Aastha asks him why did you pick that handi. Ganesh hugs her and wipes her tears. Aastha smiles. Jaya says this boy is innocent, he hugged Aastha as his theft is caught. She says nobody will believe you. This boy is thief and you have asked him to steal. Ganesh gets angry, holds Jaya’s hand and puts in the handi and give her shock. Jaya says she felt current. Everyone is shocked. Ganesh signs Aastha and demonstrates. Lakshmi asks what is he saying? Aastha says he said that electricity wire was touching the handi and that’s why he saved the person touching it. Runjhun asks how did he know about electricity circuit knowledge. Shiv comes and says as his father is an electrician. Ganesh runs to his parents and hugs his mum. Ganesh’s father and mother thank Govind and Lakshmi. Balwan says my bhabhi has taken care of your son like her own son and haven’t left him in police station.

Shiv says she searched his parents also. Govind asks how did you find his home. Aastha shows the rat toy and says she heard his mum’s voice and also some bell. She thought some ghanta ghar sound. Shiv says when we asked him about his house, he pointed finger at Kailash parvath. Aastha says she understood that he stays in Kailash Nivas and asked Shiv to go. Angad, Balwan and Nand Lal praises Shiv. Balwan praises Aastha. Ganesh’s parents tell that they have went to many temples, but wasn’t aware that their wish will be fulfilled in Durga nivas. Govind asks Ganesh parents to go after Visarjan. Lakshmi does Ganapati puja and says I wish there will be no evilness at home. Runjhun asks about milk. Jaya says they will do visarjan in milk, and will distribute the milk shake to everyone as Prasad. They do the visarjan. Ganesh gives flowers in Aastha’s hand and signs her to put on the idol.

Jaya says this angel don’t believe on God and don’t deserve this. Govind says Aastha might not believe on God, but whatever she has done was more than our puja. He says Ganesh came to our house on Ganesh Chaturthi, but we didn’t welcome him and tried to send him off, but Aastha took care of him and today she made him meet his parents. This is the real puja. We were doing idol’s puja, but she understood the real meaning of puja and thought about the boy and not about herself. He says her puja/work will go straight to God and says God will address her as his daughter even if we don’t address her as bahu. He blesses her. Ganesh’s parents tell that they will leave now. Ganesh asks for chocolate. Govind gives. Aastha asks Ganesh if he knows why they do Ganesh’s puja. Ganesh nods no. Aastha says because he did his parents parikrama and asks him not to go far from their parents for chocolate. Everyone smiles. Gurumaa and Radhika get upset. Aastha hugs Ganesh.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In room, Shiv tells that they shall give a chance to their love and hugs Radhika thinking her to be Aastha. Aastha comes and is shocked.

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