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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha asking Ganesh never to go far away from his parents for chocolates. They dance after visarjan. Jaya keeps her feet in the water tub and tells that they are paining. Janki tells Jaya that Govind was showing so much affection towards Aastha and says what did Aastha do by keeping boy here. Jaya says until Lakshmi accepts her, nothing will happen. Maan Singh informs Aastha that Lakshmi called you in storeroom. Aastha goes there and asks Lakshmi if she called her. Lakshmi says when I said that you are like this mannequin, everyone accepted it. But today, one of the family member is on your side. She says I had told you that if any family member accepts her then she will let her stay in house. She gives bangles to Aastha and says you deserves this. She says today you have won Govind’s heart, and you will get these jewelleries one by one as you wins their heart. Aastha forwards her hand and cries. Lakshmi thinks about Govind’s words and makes her wear bangles. Aastha cries happily. Lakshmi blesses her and goes.

Radhika takes off her bangles and tells Gurumaa that Aastha won Govind’s heart today. Gurumaa says they will plan against Aastha. Radhika says she will attack on Aastha’s weakest point. Aastha comes to room and sees beds still joint. She thinks she would have been happy if he had talked to her. Shiv thinks they have done one work together and united Ganesh with his family.

Next morning, Radhika throws water on Shiv intentionally and then tries to clean his face with her dupatta. Shiv says it is ok. Radhika tells him that she forgot that they are not together. She sees Aastha and waves her hand. She then asks Shiv to talk to Aastha, saying everyone knows about their relation. She asks him why his behavior is rude and says even I felt that thing. She says she don’t have right to tell and asks why they don’t stay as husband and wife. She asks him to talk to her once.

Lakshmi tells Maan singh that they will give masala in charity in the temple. Maan Singh asks who will grind it. Lakshmi says jaya and janki. Aastha comes forward and tells that she wants to grind it. Lakshmi gives her work and asks Maan Singh to help bahu. Govind tells Lakshmi that today he is seeing her happiness, seeing Aastha staying at home. Lakshmi tells that she is not happy but relieved. Shiv thinks about Govind , Aastha and Radhika’s words. He thinks he shall not dragged the matter, shall talk to her and make a new start in life. He comes to Aastha and tries talking to her. Jaya comes and teaches Aastha how to grind turmeric stick. Radhika comes and asks Shiv to come. She says she feel like they have to go somewhere and talk to her. She says she has booked hotel room for Aastha and him so that he can talk to her. Shiv says he don’t want this. Radhika asks her to think about Aastha and says she truly deserves this. Shiv thanks her. Radhika asks him to go and says she will send Aastha.

Radhika takes haldi bowl from Aastha’s hand and tells her that Shiv called her to hotel Sunshine. Aastha says why did he call me there? Radhika says he is your husband and asks her to get ready specially for special date. As Aastha goes to get ready, Radhika smirks and says poor Aastha.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In hotel room, Shiv tells that they had hatred and anger, but now they shall give a chance to their love. He hugs Radhika thinking her to be Aastha and says I love you. Aastha comes there and is shocked to see Shiv hugging Radhika while it is very dark.

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