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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aastha asking Shiv if he will tell her that he still hates her if they are locked in the cupboard for forever and if it becomes their world. Shiv looks at her. Govind opens the cupboard and asks how they are locked inside. Shiv says they were locked by mistake. Jaya and Janki make Runjhun ready. Runjhun sneezes and says she catches cold when season change. Jaya asks Janki to bring kada for her. Aastha comes there and tells Jaya that she will get her ready. Aastha asks if Gurumaa gave her something to eat or drink. Runjhun says she didn’t come here. Aastha asks her to listen to her and asks her not to do blanket charity. Runjhun is upset and asks her to stop it. She says you are jealous seeing me doing the rasam which you shall do. Aastha says you are thinking me wrong.

Gurumaa comes there and asks Runjhun if she is ready. Runjhun says saree needs to pinned up. Gurumaa says she will do. Aastha says she will do, but Runjhun stops her and says she don’t need her help. Gurumaa asks her to go. Gurumaa asks Runjhun to sit and pins her saree. She asks her to do the rasam well. Aastha thinks she can’t let Runjhun alone with Gurumaa. Runjhun shouts as Gurumaa hurts her with pin. Aastha asks if she is fine. Runjhun says yes. She sneezes and keeps cloth on her nose. Gurumaa takes Runjhun for puja. Aastha thinks to keep an eye on her.

Shiv scolds Balwan for locking them in cupboard and says there was nothing between them now. Balwan asks if he didn’t feel at once that they shall be together forever. Shiv recalls Aastha questioning him and says no. Balwan thinks to unite them. Lakshmi tells Pandit ji that her bahu will do the rasam. Pandit ji asks Aastha to come forward. Lakshmi says Runjhun will do rasam. Runjhun keeps on sneezes. He says we will do God’s aarti first.

Shiv is stepping down on stairs and is about to fall. Aastha holds him while holding blanket. They fold the blanket. Aastha tells Shiv that she needs to tell him something. Shiv says you will tell now that she is again doing some conspiracy. Aastha says this time it is something else. Runjhun does aarti. Aastha thinks to check puja stuff and checks it while everyone is busy doing puja. She checks the blankets etc. She thinks everything is fine here. Runjhun bends down. Aastha sees Runjhun’s pallu about to catch fire and runs. Just then Lakshmi moves Runjhun and asks her to be careful. Runjhun keeps the blanket infront of Goddess.

Gurumaa sits and applies tilak on her forehead. The people gather there to get the blankets. They praise Lakshmi and Gurumaa. Lakshmi says my bahu will do blanket charity. People tell that Shiv’s wife will do daan. Lakshmi says not Shiv’s wife…Govind says Balwan’s wife Runjhun will do rasam. He asks everyone to sit. Chacha ji asks Runjhun to give blanket to everyone. Jaya and Janki are upset. Jaya says there is something in her which you don’t have. Janki asks what? Jaya says mind. Gurumaa asks Runjhun to give blanket in charity. Runjhun sneezes and falls down as she steps on oily thing on floor. Aastha shouts Runjhun and runs towards her.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jaya and Janki blame Aastha for hiding the God’s idol. Aastha says she didn’t hide idol. Shiv says you were telling that how can a thief be God.

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