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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv coming to the hotel and tells that Radhika have booked a hotel room for him. Receptionist gives him room keys. Shiv comes to room and thinks why Radhika have done so much arrangements. He thinks when Aastha come today, he will tell her everything. He recalls Aastha andGovind’s words. The room is dark, he sees someone coming and thinks Aastha came fast. He says we have done much hatred and anger, now we shall give chance to our love. He hugs her and says I love you so much and I am very sorry. Aastha comes there and sees Shiv hugging someone. Shiv sees Aastha. Radhika switches on lights. Aastha is shocked to see card with I love you Radhika written.

She sees their pictures and gets teary eyes. Radhika smirks. Aastha goes out of room. Shiv runs to Aastha and asks her to believe that he came for her. Aastha says she wants to trust him, but her trust is broken. She says any girl’s life most memorable day is marriage, but my most memorable day was the one when you tell me I love you. She says she has been waiting for him to confess love since she came here, but this day I will be remember for some other reasons. She asks why did you do this…She says that moment was ours, but you have made it a wound. Shiv says it was our moment only. Aastha asks then why she was not there, and misunderstands him. Shiv tells her that there is nothing between him and Radhika now, those pics were old when he was in love with Radhika.

Aastha is shocked. Shiv asks her to believe him. Aastha says I have heard with my ears and saw with my eyes, I wish I wouldn’t have come here and lived life with hope. Shiv says there is nothing between them. Aastha says you have broken my trust and I can’t trust you even if I want. She walks out of hotel. Shiv goes back to hotel room and asks Radhika what wrong did you do? Did you call me for this. Radhika says she called him to unite him with Aastha. She tells that receptionist sent him to wrong room and she has booked this room for herself so that she can spend time with his memories. She takes him to another room and tells that she had booked this room for Aastha and him. Shiv believes her and goes. Radhika smirks.

Aastha is walking on road and recalls their first meeting, marriage etc. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays…..She recalls seeing Shiv and Radhika’s pic on the room’s wall and the I love you card.

Everyone laughs while seated to have food. Angad says we all are having food together, it is good. Nand Lal says they have been eating Prasad and stomach used to get full. Balwan says he likes Prasad and also dal bhat. Govind says bahus have problem making food for you. They ask about Shiv. Balwan says he went out.

Aastha comes back home and is shattered. Lakshmi senses that something is wrong. Radhika comes and says Shiv and me….Aastha cries. Lakshmi asks why you are crying? Shiv comes. Gurumaa smirks. Govind asks Aastha to say and asks Radhika to say what she was telling. Nand Lal asks Shiv to tell why Aastha is crying. Radhika says Aastha came to know about the truth. Lakshmi asks which truth and questions Aastha and Shiv. Radhika asks Aastha not to cry, and says everyone is worried about here. She asks her for forget the thing. Lakshmi asks her to tell. Govind asks what Radhika is saying? Radhika says Shiv knows, Aastha came to know about Shiv and my past. Govind asks what she is saying? Radhika says Shiv and I had an affair before. Everyone is shocked. Govind is shocked and angry.

Radhika says they used to love each other. Govind shouts asking her to stop it and not to utter a single word. He says I don’t know what Aastha heard, but we can’t bear lie here in this house, my son can’t do this. Radhika says sorry and says she didn’t mean to hurt Aastha or embarrass him. She tells that it was their past, but now they have just friendship between them. Govind asks Shiv to answer if she is saying truth. Shiv says yes, Papa. Whatever she is saying is truth. Everyone is shocked. We had an affair before my marriage. Gurumaa smirks. Govind says you had an affair with her, and nobody knows. Lakshmi says I knew about it. Govind says you knows it all. Gurumaa says Lakshmi didn’t tell you as she thought this is right. Lakshmi had told me. Everyone is shocked.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika tells Aastha that there is nothing between her and Shiv and asks her to take Shiv’s test and see if he loves her or not. She tells that we both will stand under the poles and whoever Shiv saves will be the person he loves. They stand under the poles, they are about to fall on Radhika and Aastha, and Shiv runs towards them. Aastha is hopeful.

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