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Ek Deewaana Tha 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vyom Goes Missing!


Ek Deewaana Tha 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 13th December 2017 Episode start With Bisht House is all set for mehendi preps. Rajan advises Madhvi to smile. All his attempts fail. He tells her to come in only when she can smile. Stand outside and practise till then. Rajan takes the plate from her and heads inside.

Rajan and other family members greet Bisht family. Sharanya comes there. She decides to talk to Vyom before the ritual starts. I want to know why he did that. Aditya asks her why she seems so restless. She asks him if Vyom has come. He replies that technically he should not come but as far as I know him, he wont miss any chance to be near you.

Rajan calls them. Sharanya meets everyone. Vidyut is unable to take his eyes off Sharanya. Rati compliments Sharanya. Vidyut agrees (as if in trance). Rajan stares at him. Chandni compliments Sharanya. Your dress is so beautiful. Where did you buy it from? Sharanya asks about Vyom which irks Chandni. This generation knows no manners. I asked you a question and you just cut me off. Rajan calls it the effect of love. Chandni replies that their generation also loved. Rajan gives a fitting reply. She ends up saying that she was just joking.

Sharanya sits down for mehendi but is unable to stop herself from thinking about what happened yesterday. Rajan thanks Sharanya for deciding to marry Vyom. I cannot believe that I will take you home tomorrow as our DIL. She asks about Vyom. He says you would know it as he stayed here only last night. She looks at him in shock.

Odhni begins hiccupping while eating. Who is thinking about me right now? The delivery guy says those on whose behalf you are eating. She says can someone not eat properly. He clears that she is just stuffing food inside her. She reasons that he scared her last night by aiming gun at her out of the blue. I almost got a heart attack. Flashback starts with the guy giving his intro (Detective Freddy Demello). We want to know Rajan’s truth and expose him. Flashback ends. Freddy relates that he got a call 2 years ago. Someone told me that Rajan Bedi is involved in something illegal. I couldn’t find any proof against him. I saw you and noticed that you know something. Tell me what that is. She replies that she knows no secret. I only know that he has done something really wrong. Freddy aims his gun at her again. She asks him what kind of a detective is he. You are pointing gun again and again. I will tell you but promise you wont laugh. He agrees. She shares that a ghost is responsible behind all that is happening. He is taken aback.

Mr. Bisht says Vyom left with you. Rajan says he might be joking. He might be trying to scare Sharanya. Don’t worry. He will come back. You know he is. He goes out with Mr. Bisht.

Mrs. Bisht asks the ladies to put mehendi whose colour will never fade away. Everyone smiles. Aditya says this looks so dull. Let’s dance a little. The ladies agree. All the ladies except Madhvi dance on Hulle Hula Re.

Freddy keeps laughing. She tells him to stop laughing. That ghost is around me. He tries to talk to me. Freddy tells her to say everything to him. He can atleast tell me what is in this letter. He is too bad though. He erased all the clues. He is not at all in a mood to let Sharanya marry Vyom and is creating problems for them. This way Vyom will end up paying for Rajan’s sins. I don’t trust this ghost theory at all! She tells him things about his grandmother who was very close to him. he is stunned. How do you know? She replies that she was standing right here. He stands up with a start. She tells him to sit down. She left seeing her useless grandson. He suggests starting again. She points out that everything has been erased. He focuses hard and is able to read Kapali. She wonders if this is Kapali Hills. He nods. I think so.

The ladies dance on Ambarsariya next. Chandni also pulls Sharanya in the dance. Vidyut keeps staring at Sharanya all along.

Rajan is trying to contact Vyom but his phone is off. He tells Mr. Bisht about it. Where did he disappear? Madhvi overhears Rajan and Mr. Bisht discussing about Vyom. He is missing? Where did he go? Rajan tells her to relax. He isn’t a kid. He will come. Mehendi is going on inside. Sit with them and just smile. She asks him if he spoke to Sharanya. He nods. Now go inside and just keep your mouth shut. She leaves.

Freddy asks Odhni if she knows about Kapali Hills. She nods. I saw flashes of it. Freddy points out that it is connected to that unknown caller. He said that Rajan did that crime in Kapali Hills only. She asks him if he got the call 2 years ago. Do you remember the date? He nods. It was December 19. I remember it well that everyone wanted to go home early that day. There was solar eclipse. She says Rajan Bedi did something wrong in Kapali Hills 2 years ago. Solar eclipse is about to happen again. They jointly decide to go to Kapali Hills to find out the truth. Unless we do so, the danger will continue to loom on Sharanya and Vyom. Odhni adds that all the secrets are connected to Kapali Hills.

Sharanya notices her father and Rajan talking outside. Mehendi girls tease her while writing Vyom’s name on her hand. Sharanya gets up to go. Mrs. Bisht asks her where she is going like this. Sharanya agrees to be back in a minute.

Sharanya thinks she cannot be in a relation of which she isn’t sure. I must speak to Vyom. I will not write his name on my hand till I speak to him.

Madhvi is trying Vyom’s number worriedly. Sharanya collides with her. She notices Madhvi crying. What happened? Madhvi says he is going through so much already. Don’t know where he is now. He hasn’t returned since yester night. Sharanya goes outside and notices Rajan and her father speaking about Vyom. She begins to walk towards them when a flower pot falls right in front of her. She looks up and notices Vyom walking on the railing of the building.


Ek Deewaana Tha 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vyom holds Sharanya by her neck. He lifts her and then throws her in a water tank. He covers the lid.

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