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Ek Deewaana Tha 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 2nd November 2017 Episode start With Mrs. Bisht is doing puja while Mr. Bisht smiles. If you will do puja like this then he will also think that you are upset with him. She replies sarcastically and he teases her on the same. What happened? She wants to speak to Sharanya. I don’t like the way she speaks to Vyom. He reasons that ti happens in love. See how you speak to me. She has inherited this from you it seems. She shouts for Sharanya. Aditya tells her to be a bit low. Di went out on her own on bicycle. Mrs. Bisht worries but Mr. Bisht assures him she is strong. Mrs. Bisht says she was so scared yesterday.

Sharanya is riding bicycle. She is haunted by all that she has experienced since she has recovered.Mrs. Bisht calls Madhvi. She speaks sarcastically to Mrs. Bisht. She expresses a wish to Vyom. Is he there? Is he fine? Madhvi says he is amongst his family. he is bound to be fine and so am i. How is Sharanya? Mrs. Bisht says she is fine. Madhvi says she must be fine after giving pain to Vyom. Did doc tell you to throw him out of the house once Sharanya recovers? You threw Vyom out of the house in 2 minutes. No one said a word. Whatever happened was right though.

My son can see things clearly. Rajan and Vyom enter just then. Rajan drops his bag angrily and snatches the phone from Madhvi’s hands. He apologizes to Mrs. Bisht. We thought to act before you when you will come to meet us but Madhvi gave a very realistic performance already. Madhvi accepts it on loudspeaker. Rajan tells Mrs. Bisht to get ready for a party. Sharanya has recovered. We must celebrate. My family is coming over on vacations so let’s meet up. Mrs. Bisht agrees to come. Rajan gives phone to Vyom. Mrs. Bisht asks him if he is upset with them. he denies. She tells him not to take Sharanya’s words to his heart. she is not in the right frame of mind. I would have told her to apologize if she was here. Vyom panics realising she is out alone. Rajan takes the phone. My hero went after Sharanya.

Sharanya falls down as she gets distracted noticing a car coming her way. Memories of same accident flash in her dream. She sits up with a start and looks at her wounds. The ghost is standing nearby. A tree begins to come out of its root. Vyom reaches there and shouts at her to be careful. She shouts as she gets stuck in the branches. He rushes to her and helps her stand. Are you ok? She nods. Sharanya looks at the milestone of Kapali Hills. Vyom scolds her. What are you doing here on bicycle? She is still thinking about her dream and does not respond. She winces in pain. Vyom holds her as she is unable to walk. He makes her sit in the car and apologizes to her. I shouldn’t have shouted on you. Are you badly hurt? She shakes her head. The ghost can be seen in the rear view mirror.

Mr. Bisht is fixing his car when Vyom comes home with Sharanya. He tells his wife she was worrying for no reason. Sharanya is also here. They panic noticing her limping. How did you get hurt? Vyom lies that she fell from the bicycle. Mrs. Bisht wants to put ointment on her wounds but Sharanya asks her father about their accident. Was someone else also there that day? Did I kill someone on that day? Vyom gets alert. The bicycle wheel moves on its own. The ghost is standing nearby. Mr. Bisht says there was no one else. I was hurt but I recovered in 3 days. You joined college afterwards. She asks him if they are hiding something from her. He declines. Vyom seems too stunned.

Sharanya relates that she saw flashes of their accident when she fell from the bicycle. Vyom says no one was there. Please stop thinking about such things. You are hurting yourself. She shouts that she is in pain as she cannot recall what happened in the past 5 years. I dint seek your help ever. I don’t want to seek your help even. More then remembering you, I must first remember about all the years that I don’t know anything of. She asks him to leave. He drives away. Her parents call after her but she heads inside. Vyom is still outside Sharanya’s house. We have fought earlier also but it cannot be that you will not come to make it up to me. this has never happened before. I am losing hope.

Rajan scolds Madhvi for trying to meddle with Vyom and Sharanya’s relationship. I wont spare you if you repeat what you did today. She says that’s what I have been telling you since so long. Just leave me! He leaves. She thinks there is no point being in the relation which is just your obsession. I wish either the relation would break or I die!

Sharanya keeps thinking about the accident. Who was on that bicycle? Is this truth or my imagination? Why would my parents lie if this is true? Why do I feel as if someone got badly hurt in that accident? Did I kill someone? The bicycle tyre starts moving on its own yet again. How to find out? What’s this page of my life which I can see but cannot read? She looks at her social media profile. There is an entry for 23rd June which also mentions a surprise for mumma and papa. She thinks of Vyom telling her about their going to Mussorie on the last day of college together. She reads another entry mentioning Vyom. He is everywhere! She thinks of an idea. Shadow appears yet again.

Rajan instructs his servant to tell driver to bring someone from airport. He goes to decide the menu. Vyom comes just then. Rajan asks him if he dropped his Juliet home. Vyom looks away. Rajan asks him if they should cancel the party. Vyom declines. It is for Sharanya. Rajan says I kept it so you both can spend some time together. He tells his father that she does not wish to even see his face. Her parents will bring her somehow but she will not even talk to me. Rajan says it wont happen. There is no wish which I cannot fulfil. No one can separate Sharanya from you, neither any human nor God himself! She is only yours. He caresses Vyom’s face who nods back sadly. I can understand your concern but I cannot face her right now. I wont come in the party.

Inspector Chautala tells Sharanya not to worry unnecessarily. No one died in that accident. Plus, it happened 5 years ago. Someone got hurt too. He nods. It was a college boy. He dint even get a scratch. I trust your father and his upbringing completely. Mr. Bisht says she does not trust our upbringing though. He asks Sharanya if she does not trust him. She shakes her head. Inspector tells her not to be upset with her. People don’t even look back after killing someone whereas your daughter is out to find more about her accident that happened 5 years ago. She was asking if someone got hurt. Mr. Bisht nods. He takes Sharanya out for her favourite chocolate ice-cream.

Outside, M. Bisht tells Sharanya he trusts her more than himself. Trust me. You cannot hurt anyone. They sit in the car. She looks in the rear view mirror and sees a bleeding hand. She immediately steps out of the car but decides not to trouble his father more. She points at the ice-cream stall nearby. He calms down. They both walk towards the stall. Ghost’s bleeding hand can be seen on the backside of the car.


Ek Deewaana Tha 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vyom says you get angry or act bossy on your closed ones only. Should I think you to be mine then? Ghost is seen standing in the lawn. Lights begin to flicker as Sharanya and Vyom dance together. She senses something strange. Sharanya is outside in the lawn and shouts noticing something.

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