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Ek Deewaana Tha 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sharanya’s family leaves Sharanya and Vyom alone in the house intentionally. Sharanya wakes up and shouts for coffee. Vyom brings coffee for her. Sharanya asks Vyom till when will he keep doing this. He replies that he will do it till the time she begins to feel his love. I am even ok being your Ramu Kaka for that reason. She smiles. He gets up to go. Vyom says I somewhere read that love is actually a search of someone without whom you cannot live. It is somewhat similar with me. I cannot live without you. You will have to give me a chance for that. Sharanya drinks coffee. Ramu Kaka makes good coffee. Vyo is outside the door. He thinks my every attempt will bring back your memories. If not, we will make our own new memories.

Vyom comes to temple. We will keep meeting as Sharanya is back. This isn’t my Sharanya though. Now I will pray to you only when she will become mine. Take it either as my stubbornness or madness / obsession. Diya blows off the moment he walks out of the temple.

Sharanya is happily humming to herself as she goes to take a bath. She steps out for a moment. Lights begin to flicker. Sharanya finds her diary amidst her books and takes it inside the bathroom with her. I used to write shayari in college. She reads a few of them. Water keeps on pouring in the bath tub.

Madhvi is on call with Vyom. He assures her he is fine. I slept well and I am making breakfast now. She asks him if he wishes to return ever. He agrees he wants to come. Rajan snatches the phone out of her hand and talks to Vyom. Your mother becomes a typical movie serial mom. Take care of Sharanya and I will take care of your mom. Vyom thanks him calling him best dad. Madhvi takes the phone but Vyom takes Mr. Bisht’s call. They have stopped to have an ice cream and tease Aditya. Did it ebenfit leaving you both behind? Vyom says she knows why you left us both alone but she isn’t angry. Mr. Bisht smiles. No one can stay upset for long in our family.

Rajan pushes Madhvi. Are you used to ruining relations or are you habitual to it! I warn you. Don’t ruin things for my son the way you have ruined for me! She says I am also Vyom’s mother and I know where his happiness lies. It isn’t with Sharanya. He insists that Vyom has already chosen Sharanya. You don’t need to come between them. She looks at him upset.

Sharanya keeps reading her diary while Vyom is setting breakfast table. Water turns blue. Sharanya is absentmindedly playing with water while reading shayari. Water turns blue and her hand freezes. She shouts not being able to pull it out. Vyom hears her shouting and comes in. Water becomes normal again. She is thrown back. Vyom catches her in time. Sharanya pushes him and gets hurt. How dare you come in my bathroom? I am being nice to you but it doesn’t mean you will take advantage of me! He tries to explain but she does not let him talk. He finally ends up shouting at her to stop! He blindfolds himself with a dupatta and lifts her in his arms against her wish. She shouts because of her wound. He says your bones will break if I let go. He takes her to her bed. Just by touching things, he begins to look for ointment for her. Love means being there in every moment of someone’s life. Lights begin to flicker the moment he touches her. She can notice it. Vyom says physical attraction can be of some moments but not of 2 years, especially when that person is in coma. I am not with you as I am physically attracted to you. It is because I love you. You once asked me a question. What will happen to me if you are not there in my life? I said maybe I wont live then. I dint have answer to your why then. I am telling you today. I cannot live without you. Your closeness was first a habit then it became my need. It has become my life now. She is quiet noticing the changes in her surroundings.

She hears a shayari. In bathroom, water takes form of a human. A glass breaks thereby catching both Vyom and Sharanya’s attention. He goes to check in the bathroom but the water is back to normal. A bulb is fused. He tells Sharanya everything is ok. She nods. This why I am telling you I don’t need your help. Why don’t you leave? He says I am waiting for you to trust me. She says it is won and not forced. My parents will come back. I am not a small kid. He tells her he knows trust is not forced. It is gain over time. It might take some time or lifetime. I am ok with both.


Ek Deewaana Tha 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vyom tells his mom Sharanya is not his obsession. She might not need me in her life but I would always need her. Sharanya senses she is never alone. She shouts as the lights begin to flicker yet again at night when she is alone on terrace.

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