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Ek Deewaana Tha 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sharanya’s family explains to Sharanya about how much Vyom loves her. He has done so much for you. It is real. They all speak well about Vyom before Sharanya. She gives in. Adopt him if you love Vyom so much and let me die. She senses something strange the moment she says that. Mrs. Bisht reprimands Sharanya for saying this. Don’t say it again. We were yearning day and night to hear your voice. Our lives stopped and you are saying this! She keeps Sharanya’s hand on her hand to make her promise she will never say it again. Sharanya promises her. Everyone leaves from the room. Sharanya looks at the door of her bathroom in suspicion. She peeks inside. She notices the broken pieces of bulb. What’s happening? Why am I feeling so strange? She looks at the water in her bathtub and recalls what happened earlier. She dips her hand again but it does not freeze this time. She suddenly notices a shadow in the water and screams. Her family hears it too.

Sharanya collides with her father and is breathing heavily. I am scared. Mr. Bisht asks her what scared her. She says there is something which is scaring / disturbing me. Mr. Bisht calms her.

Madhvi pours herself a drink. Don’t be so upset son. You should celebrate when the problems leave you. Let’s have a drink. As a woman, I sometimes am very proud of you. Girls have become so advanced these days that they have learnt to use and throw boys. Now you are no more at the receiving end. As a mom, I also feel very bad seeing my darling baby was used. She hugs him.

Sharanya says I feel someone is with me all the time. She relates all the incidents to her family. Mr. Bisht says you know it isn’t true. Sharanya says I am really scared though. It is real. Mrs. Bisht asks her why she dint tell them earlier. Sharanya says I dint want you to think I am mad. Aditya points at the medicines she is taking. They have some side effects. Sharanya reads it – hallucinations, fear, sinking feeling, etc. It is because of my medicines? Aditya nods. It will reduce with time. Whatever is happening with you isn’t abnormal. She cries. Mr. Bisht says we understand your problem but it isn’t right to hurt someone just because you are hurting! Sharanya asks them if they think she will understand Vyom’s love amidst all this. Let me first recall what I have lost!

Madhvi says I hope you could see it earlier so that selfish girl would have been out of your life earlier. Vyom tells his mom to stop. Sharanya is not my obsession or challenge which I want to win. I love her. My love for her will never decrease. She might not need me in her life but I would always need her because I love her and I will love her till my last breath. Rajan tells Madhvi to stop it. If you could say things as nice as your face then half of the problems would have been solved by now. Madhvi is completely inebriated. You atleast like my face. He asks her to come but she insists she isn’t drunk. She pulls him by his collar. The day you and your son will stop forcing your orders on me, I will start living peacefully. Rajan tells her she needs rest and takes her upstairs against her wish.

Vyom heaves a sigh and takes Sharanya’s name. I feel you are not the same Sharanya anymore. Why do I feel that some third person has come between us?

Sharanya requests her father to fight her battle with herself. I am not ready for any relation right now. You have always trusted me. I was always scared but you always trusted me. Trust me again for once. She cries. He calls her his brave kid. Don’t act like Aditya. Mrs. Bisht says this fear is nothing. You won the war of those 2 years. You will win over this as well. Some blue lines appear on the window.

It is night time. Vyom is in the balcony. This moon, guitar and your memories are more than enough to write something but I am unable to do it today. You have gone too far even though are so near. How to bring you closer? How to tell you how much I love you?

Sharanya is standing in the terrace. She wonders why she is unable to feel any love or connection. I always only feel one thing. It is as if I am never alone. Someone is with me, around me always. I am always being watched. Wind blows her hair. She says this is the same feeling I was talking about. What is it? She gets Vyom’s call. You may not need me but I need you for my sleep. I cannot sleep till I am sure you are fine. Just say that you are fine. I will keep the phone down and wont trouble you anymore. She tells him she is fine. I am sorry. I know I repeat the same thing at you but I mean it. He says it’s ok. I dint just expect sorry. She tells him not to expect anything more from her. There is a lot of time in knowing you or falling for you. He tells her there is no pressure from his side. I can wait till eternity. She speaks of her parents. He says I know they will pressurize but there is no pressure from my side. She loses focus noticing the change in her surroundings. All the plants turn black right before her eyes. She shouts.


Ek Deewaana Tha 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharanya closes the windows and doors of her room from inside. Vyom asks someone if he thinks there is some ghost or supernatural power in her life. He laughs at the idea. Sharanya wakes up with a start. The ghost is sitting on the armchair. She notices it moving on its own.

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