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Ek Deewaana Tha 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya if her earrings look fine. Sharanya asks her where she is going. Her father says there is a party at Vyom’s house. Sharanya says why you will go when I am not going. They point out that the party was kept for her but she scolded Vyom. They try to tease her by speaking about the party excitedly. They all speak so positively about the party that she also agrees to join them. I will apologize to Vyom there only. Shadow of the ghost can be seen lurking nearby.

Sharanya is getting ready for the party. She suddenly feels as if someone touched her earring. She turns but no one is there. She thinks of her accident in the morning and about Kapali Hills. Bisht family sits in the car. Nawab is also with them. Shadow of the ghost appears the moment they drive away.

Bisht family reaches Bedi House. Sharanya looks around curiously. It is completely quiet there. Sharanya asks her parents why it is so dark here. Her father is also clueless. She says you said they have kept the party for me. She again feels strange. Nawab also begins barking. She requests her parents to leave but Mr. Bisht says they have kept a party for us only. We should go inside. They open the main door but it is all dark there. Lights switch on the moment they enter. Chandni hugs Sharanya. Rajan demands to know whose idea this was. Only Chandni can give such pathetic surprises. Sharanya has just recovered. You scared her.

Mr. Bisht says it isn’t so. It’s ok. Chandni says sorry to Rajan and Sharanya. The intention was not to scare you. I wanted to remind you that your Chandni Chachi can make blasts happen anytime. Another lady (Rati) hugs Sharanya. Rajan points out that she is his younger brother Vidyut’s wife. You both are best friends. Vidyut joins them. He shakes hand with Sharanya. Rati stares at their hands. Their son is also introduced. Rati is about to do Sharanya’s tilak but Vidyut holds her hand. She has come in party and not in some puja. Her makeup will be spoiled. Sharanya holds her hand and makes her do her tilak. The tilak that you do with love is bigger than any other makeup. Sharanya happily mingles with Avni who cannot speak as of now but doctor has said that one day she sure will. Sharanya nods. One day we will talk a lot. Avni nods. Sharanya gives her a peck on the cheek.

Rajan notices Sharanya’s eyes are searching for someone. The one you are looking for is in his room. He does not wish to come to the party at all as he is upset. You should talk to him and bring him here before other guests come. Mrs. Bisht also tells her to go ahead and bring Vyom. Madhvi greets Sharanya reluctantly as she heads upstairs.

Sharanya knocks at Vyom’s door thrice but there is no response. She opens the door and looks at the interior of the room strangely. She notices that Vyom’s photo has been made using her small small photos. Vyom comes out of the washroom wrapped in a towel. It is disrespect to come in someone’s room without permission. She turns her back to him and asks him if he isn’t ashamed to come out like this. He says it is my room and I can even be here without clothes. They argue with each other sweetly. Vyom says you get angry or act bossy on your closed ones only. Should I think you to be mine then? She tells him to come down. She clicks a photo of him. I will show it to everyone otherwise. He says I hope they like what they see. She looks at the photo closely and notices the wound on his arm. How did you get hurt? He points out that a stupid girl was about to come under a tree. That’s how it happened. She retorts that that girl dint ask for his help. He says I also don’t intervene or do anything against people’s wish. This is why I am here at this moment. She says no one will like it if you wont come. He asks her how she will feel. She tells him to apply ointment to his wound and goes. Vyom thinks you are my medicine and sadly the reason behind my wound too.

Madhvi stands awkwardly in the party. Chandni gives her a drink. Sharanya comes down. Mrs. Bisht asks about Vyom. Sharanya is about to tell her when Vyom greets everyone. He is dressed immaculately in a suit. Sharanya looks at him. Rajan smiles. I knew it was only Sharanya who could bring him here. Vyom nods. Someone told me that this party is incomplete without me so I came. Chandni tells Madhvi her rockstar son is out of her hands. He will dance on Sharanya’s tunes now. Madhvi tells her to keep quiet.

Rajan gives guitar to Vyom. You have the perfect chance and reason to start strumming once again. Mr. Bisht too tells him to go ahead. Vyom takes the guitar and looks at Sharanya. Vyom sings a song. Rajan tries pairing them for a dance but Vyom backs out. Sharanya extends her hand towards him. He keeps his hand in hers. Ghost is seen standing in the lawn. Lights begin to flicker in the lawn area as Sharanya and Vyom dance together. She again sees blurs of that accident as she swirls. Vyom touches her hairs and strong wind blows inside the house thereby making a power cut. The light comes back but Sharanya is missing. Everyone starts looking for her.

Sharanya’s phone is also with Mrs. Bisht. Vyom heads towards the door. Sharanya comes out in the lawn all lost. Some footsteps are shown which she seems to be following under some spell. Nawab barks. It breaks the spell. She is shocked to find herself there all by herself. Why is Nawab barking so much? Strong wind blows and light flicker yet again. She is all cold. I can smell stargazers. It’s not happening! She notices the footsteps. Light begin to shatter on their own. She shouts noticing some shadow and runs. She falls down right in the middle of stargazers and ice. Getting up, she turns and finds herself staring at the ghost. Who is it? She shouts again. This time Vyom hears her. Sharanya passes out. Vyom rushes to her side. He takes her inside in his arms. The ghost looks on. His face is finally shown.


Ek Deewaana Tha 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharanya is doing puja. The ghost shouts as the chants affect him badly. He shouts Sharanya’s name. She hears it (or maybe senses something) and drops the kalash in shock. The ghost thinks he would never come here again if it hurts her in any way.

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