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Ek Deewaana Tha 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Solar Eclipse Is Due Soon!


Ek Deewaana Tha 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 6th December 2017 Episode start with Sharanya comes back in the washroom to find the ring but fails. She again senses Shiv’s presence near her.Madhvi is doing something on the laptop. Rajan walks in and picks up the fallen papers. She is shocked to see him. He looks at the paper. You are working really hard Madhvi. You made lot many preps already. Sharanya Bisht, Mussorie Police Station, Mr. Vijay Rawat (their family lawyer), CBI office! Very impressive Madhvi! He looks at the laptop screen. Email?

He claps for her and then reads the E-mail. I want to tell you something through this e-mail. Lot many lives are related ot it. I wont be alive by the time you will receive it. He calls it a good prophecy. Rajan will be in trouble once the truth comes out. Sharanya is a good girl and is marrying my son Vyom but I don’t want it to happen. You couldn’t write because my timing was too well? He pours water on the laptop. I am so sorry for ruining your plan darling. He throws the laptop at her but she ducks. He makes her fall down while she is trying to run out of the room.

Sharanya looks at her engagement photo. She turns sensing someone’s presence and the glass on the photo frame cracks just then. She notices blood dripping down from the photo and cries. Why are you doing this? Why are you after me? What do you want? She notices a word which gets etched on the floor by the dripping blood – you!

Madhvi tells Rajan he wont be able to quieten her for too long. It is about my son’s lfie. I wont let this wedding happen. You know why I am doing this right? He tells her she is very wrong to think that Vyom’s life will be ruined if he marries Sharanya. I will show you how wrong you are. He covers her mouth and takes her to Vyom’s room. Vyom is practising on his guitar happily. Rajan points out to Madhvi that Vyom is happy because of Sharanya while you say she will destroy him. You are mistaken. She will make him happier. He will be ruined without her! Madhvi asks him if he really is after this marriage for Vyom’s sake. You are lying. Rajan calls it her misunderstanding. Believe me. I love you but a little less than Vyom. If you try to create any hurdle in the wedding then your death will be very easy to plan. Don’t even dare! She is shocked by his words.

Sharanya keeps looking at the word and the broken photo frame. She recalls Sadhvi ji’s words.

Sharanya calls Vyom. He says have you fallen in love with me finally? She asks him if he is fine. He says yes. You looked really beautiful tonight. He keeps praising her and does not let her talk. You are calling my half name till now. Call me I love you Vyom. I know you wont say it till the time you will fall in love with me. Say it for my sake atleast. She notices the blood on the photo. He advises her to take a deep breath and say it. She drops the phone in shock noticing footprints on the floor.

Vyom thinks she got upset yet again. I knew you wont say it but I have to keep trying. Maybe you will fall for me if I will continue doing such naughty things.

Sharanya opens her room’s door. The footprints go past her and outside the house. She tries closing the main door but all the doors close on their own. The newspaper on table shows an article about solar eclipse. She decides to be with Vyom. I will have to tell him everything. She is about to leave when the rustling of paper draws her attention. She notices the article. A solar eclipse is due in Northern India. She is reminded of Sadhvi ji’s words. A similar solar eclipse happened some 2 years back in the same part of India. She is reminded of how her mother had referred to the day she met her accident as black day. She sees flashes of her accident. I have very less time. I must tell this to Vyom. She takes the newspaper and leaves on scooty to meet Vyom.

Odhni blocks Sharanya’s way. Sharanya refuses to hear her but Odhni tells her whatever is happening with her is related to the impending solar eclipse. Sharanya looks at her in shock. Solar eclipse?

Vyom thinks he would be able to sleep peacefully after speaking to his would be Sharanya Vyom Bedi. He pulls duvet over his face. The footprints are seen next to his bed. Shiv smiles. Keep dreaming such things. Vyom is sleeping peacefully when Shiv inches closer to him. He keeps his hand around Vyom’s neck.


Ek Deewaana Tha 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyom tells Sharanya he wants to meet her, thank her and hug her. Please come before me. Shiv enters in Vyom’s body. He walks up to Sharanya. She notices something different about him. What happened? He looks at her.

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