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Ek Deewaana Tha 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 7th November 2017 Episode start With Sharanya assures everyone she is fine. It might be because of medicines. You all should resume your daily routine. She also tells Vyom to sing a few songs and earn some money. He keeps looking at her and she ends up allowing him to stay back. Vyom smiles. Everyone leaves except Nawab. Mr. Bisht asks him to come but he stays put. Vyom says something in his ears and he runs off. Sharanya asks him what he said but he says it is a secret between us. Dad says pain and fear reduce when you say it out loud. She says it means you say it to everyone. Don’t say that you aren’t scared? He accepts that he is scared to lose her. He gives her her medicines. She asks him to give water also and calls him Ramu Kaka again. He happily gives water to her.

Sharanya takes medicines. Do you have any friends? I guess not! He asks her why she asked this suddenly. She says I have another question to ask. Do you have problem in wearing friendship band? The ghost looks at them. He says tie anything except Rakhi. He extends his hand. She relates that she found it while cleaning her cupboard yesterday. I have no friend as no one turned up till now. I thought to make you my friend. You seem caring and are good looking too. Friends? Vyom thinks it is a relief to see her extending her hand towards him even if as a friend. The ghost seems upset. Vyom tells Sharanya it was he who gave this band to her on their first friendship day. She says I don’t remember that but I wont forget today ever! Friends promise! Ghost leaves from the window.

Vyom is unable to start his car. He opens the bonnet to check. Sharanya calls him Ramu Kaka again. Did it really break down or is this another excuse to not go home? He says whatever it may be it would be good for you only. Just order. Ramu Kaka is here. She tells him to come in. The ghost removes the hook of the bonnet and Vyom gets hurt on his hand. He lies to Sharanya that he is fine. The friendship band falls down. Vyom picks it up. He holds the cover of the bonnet again and finds ice in there. He is surprised to see ice. He does not tell Sharanya anything. The ghost is standing right next to her.

Sharanya takes out a card and calls someone. She relates the morning incident to the guy. I don’t understand what it is and why this is happening with me!

Rajan looks at the broken band. Only pegs have ice in this season. How did it reach engine? Vyom says that’s what I am also wondering about. Ice was nowhere else. Rajan doubts that someone might have messed with his car. Vyom shrugs. I don’t know. Sharanya took first step towards me today. She tied this band on my hand willingly. I took her to temple where she passed out. I couldn’t find stargazers anywhere in the town, but a bouquet suddenly reaches her out of nowhere. Entire room is filled up with stargazers. I cannot discuss this with Sharanya. She is already scared. There is surely something. No one is messing with us. There is something for sure! Rajan assures him they will find out about it. Take care of yourself. We will manage the rest. Vyom says I don’t know but I feel someone is pulling her away from me. Rajan notices someone on the door. Vyom adds that whenever he feels he is getting closer to Sharanya someone seems to pull him back. Rajan very smartly pulls Madhvi in the room. This is your house, your son and your husband only. What’s the point of overhearing stealthily? Vyom walks out of the room. Rajan warns Madhvi. If I find out that you are behind what’s happening between Vyom and Sharanya then I! She challenges him to kill her. He says you are my wife. I cannot do this. Your cheatings cannot make me fall so low. She says such words don’t suit you. You haven’t ever made me feel like I am your wife! He warns her not to blame him for her defeats. Don’t try to meddle with Sharanya or Vyom or I wont spare you!

Chandni says Sharanya should change her name to matchstick. I am also thinking to sympathise with them. I will lose some weight this way. Her son says they always have so many secrets between them. Chandni is sure it is really serious this time. It is related to Sharanya’s time spent in coma. I have to find out what it is!

Sharanya wakes up in the middle of the night. The water bottle is empty. She notices the medicine which she had to take after lunch and mutter that she is missing Ramu Kaka. I know I sound selfish but I would not have to go get water if you were here. The door closes the moment she steps out of the room.

Vyom starts turning in his sleep.

Sharanya finds all the bottles empty. She hears a sound and looks back startled. She calms herself. It’s all imagination! She takes out a bottle from the fridge and coughs as soon as she takes a sip. How is it so hot? She takes out ice from the freezer but it isn’t coming out. She uses a knife but it still isn’t coming out. She punches it on the ice cube and sees blood splashing. She runs from there shouting for her father and collides with someone. She is stabbed by that person. She passes out on the floor.


Ek Deewaana Tha 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyom calls Aditya and asks about Sharanya. He tells her something in mute. Sharanya is sstill shown lying unconscious on the floor with the knife in her stomach.

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