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Ek Deewaana Tha 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Odhni Escapes From Vidyut’s Clutches!


Ek Deewaana Tha 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 8th December 2017 Episode start with Vyom shouts for the ghost to come out. I want to meet you, thank you and hug you for what you have done. Please come before me. Sharanya tries to stop him but in vain. Vyom peeks in a hole telling the ghost to come. Don’t be afraid. Shiv inches closer. Sharanya senses his presence around them. She tells Vyom he is right here. Please stop. Vyom walks back to her. Is he here? Where? She nods. He keeps shouting for the ghost.

Rajan has dug Odhni in the ground. Only her face is above ground and her mouth is covered with a piece of cloth. Stay still. Don’t move. He keeps the golf ball on her head. She closes her eyes in fear. Rajan tightens his grip around the golf stick. My shot is perfect always but I cannot guarantee anything when I am angry. Hope I wont miss my shot. He hits the ball perfectly. The ball lands in Vidyut’s feet. Rajan says there are many secrets buried here but this one is really big. Bury her somewhere far. Her body shouldn’t be found by anyone! Life and death are in a fight yet again. Life again lost and death won once again! She looks at them in shock.

Vyom tells Sharanya that the ghost only listens to her. She tells him not to make fun of such things. They are true. Vyom asks the ghost to step forward. I want your powers. Invisible man, please come inside me.

Madhvi Rajan how he will silence the dead then. Rajan says all those who will come in between my son’s happiness will be silenced, even if that means you. She asks him what if the dead come back. You must have heard that dead come back sometimes. How will you quieten him then? He smirks at her.

Vyom tells Sharanya that he will now come only when she will call him. The street light breaks and falls down. Sharanya panics. I was telling you he was right here. He wont let us get married. He wont let us get into this relation. Vyom assures her nothing will happen till the time he is with her.

Vidyut asks Odhni why she had to intervene when she was told against it. The animals of Mussorie will eat you and bless us. You can enjoy with the ghosts after your death! Get ready to die. He aims his revolver at her. She swivels the steering wheel because of which he stops the car. She hides by the time he gets down. She begins pelting stones at him. He sits back in his car and drives away to save himself. Odhni heaves a sigh of relief. I trapped innocent people till date. Maybe I was punished for the same reason but now I will only support truth. I will pull together what has fallen apart. I will tell Sharanya everything. I must stop this wedding first of all.

Rajan thinks to use Sharanya’s eagerness to marry to his use. This wedding should happen in 3 days at any cost now!

Madhvi vows to stop this wedding come what may!

Vyom tells Sharanya that her ghost dint come. This is all in your head. I gave an open invitation to him to come inside me but he dint come! Shiv walks towards them. He enters inside Vyom just then. Sharanya notices something strange and asks him if he is fine. Vyom nods.

Rati asks Vidyut how he got hurt. He shouts lies at her. He hides his wounds noticing Rajan coming there. Rajan is checking up on everyone. He asks Chandni about Madhvi. Chandni replies disinterestedly. He goes to check on madhvi himself. Odhni has also come there in a disguise.

Rajan gives the bowl of haldi to Madhvi. She glares at him. he reminds her it is Vyom’s haldi today. We will go to Sharanya’s home. Get ready quickly. She throws the bowl on the floor. You know I wont let this wedding happen! He asks her if she wants him to beat her so she can call everyone’s attention. This can delay the wedding and everything. You were asking for 3 days time so you can succeed in your plan. I am so sorry sweetheart. Nothing like that is going to happen. He shouts Chandni’s name who comes just then. He asks her if she will take the place of Vyom’s mother. Madhvi and Chandni look at him in shock. Rajan turns to Chandni. Chachi is also like mother. Madhvi wont be able to come in haldi ritual. You will have to complete all the rituals on her behalf. Chandni agrees but Madhvi says it isn’t necessary. Vyom’s father can be careless but not his mother. I will be ready in 5 minutes. Rajan smiles at Chandni. I am sorry as you lsot another chance to become my son’s mother. He walks out of the room smiling to himself. Chandni’s son is standing right outside the room and has overheard everything.

Rajan asks Vidyut if he took care of Odhni. Vidyut lies to him. Odhni is very near them.

Madhvi comes out holding the bowl of haldi and stands in front of Chandni. Rajan dismisses everyone. Odhni hides behind Durga Ma’s idol. Rajan walks back to the idol. Bless me Ma that everything happens smoothly now. Hope no hurdle comes between Vyom and Sharanya’s wedding now. He leaves. Odhni heaves a sigh of relief. What a brother! He (Vidyut) lied to his own brother. Rajan Bedi is so fearful. He would have killed him if he found out that I am alive. Both the brothers are too much. I must find out about that secret. I will find my answer in this house only. She starts looking around for some clue.

Bisht House is set for Haldi ritual. Mrs. Bisht compliments Sharanya. Where is your engagement ring? Sharanya lies that it fell somewhere in the washroom. Madhvi reacts too loudly. Bisht’s look at Bedi’s. Madhvi says this girl says she is marrying my son to protect him but she couldn’t take care of that one ring. I fear what if something happens to my son because of her! Shiv looks at them from outside.


Ek Deewaana Tha 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharanya and Vyom are in a room. Sharanya asks Vyom to listen to her once. He turns, throws her on the floor and tries to force himself on her while covering her mouth (seems to be Shiv who is making him do this). He tears the top of her blouse.

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