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Ek Deewaana Tha 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Deewaana Tha 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewaana Tha 9th November 2017 Episode start With Sharanya stares at the dead body in shock. Inspector asks her when the last time she spoke to him was. She says I spoke to him 10 minutes back only. Inspector asks her why she came here. Sharanya says I am his patient. Inspector doubts her. You came to meet your doctor in the middle of the night? Vyom shouts her name. She rushes to him and cries as she hugs him. Mr. Bisht also comes there. Are you alright? Mohini is watching everything from behind a tree. Sharanya tells her father that Dr. Amit is dead. Mr. Bisht gives his introduction to Inspector. He tells him they might be contacted if needed. Mr. Bisht agrees.

Vyom and Mr. Bisht take Sharanya with her. Mr. Bisht asks her why she came here at this hour. She says Dr. Amit called me here to share something urgent. Vyom reasons she could have told him. Sharanya says I told him I will bring papa along but he said it is dangerous. Vyom asks her if she has lost it. You came in a park in the middle of the night. What else could be more dangerous! Mr. Bisht tells him to take Sharanya home. Sharanya stands there thinking about her last conversation with Dr. Amit. Vyom takes her from there. Mohini looks on.

Sharanya stands rooted in her place in shock. Vyom asks her what happened. She shares that Amit was about to tell her something about her past. He says you have risked your present for your past. I took you to him in the first place. Why dint you atleast tlel me? If you find out about your past then it would be me who would be the most benefitted. It would also be the most special moment of my life! He sits in his car upset. Mr. Bisht and Sharanya also sit in the car. Mohini runs after the car shouting after Sharanya to stop but in vain. She falls down in the process but keeps shouting. Stop now! He wont leave you!

Next morning, Rajan notices Madhvi drinking at 8 am. Is your wine shop open too soon today? Be careful. There are kids in the house. What will the kids think if they will see you like this? Chandni says you don’t understand what a mother is going through. Her husband does not care about her and her son has forgotten her for Sharanya. How sad! Rajan advises her not to say such tv serial dialogues in front of him. Vyom is with his would-be wife. Men from good families do that only. Chandni laughs at his words. Rajan warns Madhvi not to fall for Chandni’s words. She is only trying to instigate you. Madhvi is disturbed by her words.

Sharanya cannot stop thinking of what happened last night. Vyom asks her to come with him to look for her past. I promised you. I don’t know what enmity you have with these 5 years. They were the best moments of my life as you were with me. I have promised you so I will live by it. Shall we?

Inspector says we dint find any phone with him. Sharanya insists that she spoke to him. Inspector says the one who has to die will die. It was a natural death though. You wont be in any problem. Vyom says Sharanya said she spoke to him 10 minutes before his death. He must be carrying his phone. Inspector points at her case. Dr. Amit was treating you. Are you sure that you really spoke to Amit or? Vyom gets angry by his words. Do you think she is cooking stories? He holds the Inspector by his collar. Inspector orders him to be put behind bars. A junior tells him to let go of Vyom. He is Mr. Bedi’s son. Inspector lets him go.

Vyom tells Sharanya that they found no proof that the death was unnatural. She says I am not lying. He nods. There is only one way to find out what Dr. Amit wanted to tell us – through his mobile!

Vyom and Sharanya enter inside the same park stealthily. Vyom advises Sharanya to either become sentimental and sit here or help him in looking for the phone. They begin looking for the phone unaware that the constables are pretty nearby. They are searching in different places. Vyom suddenly taps at her shoulder from behind shocking her. Did you find anything? She shakes her head. They try entering in some place by jumping off the fence. Sharanya stumbles in her step and falls down. Vyom falls on top of her while trying to hold her. They share an eye lock. He notices the constables coming in that direction and pulls her up. The ghost is not at all pleased to see them so close. Vyom helps Sharanya step on the other side. He holds out his hand for her to hold but she is looking another direction. He uses his strength to climb up the fence (upset). The ghost puts some glass shards right next to the entrance. Vyom gets hurt on his hand. Sharanya pulls it out and begins to say something but he signals her to be quiet.

Vyom brings Sharanya to a quiet place. She tells him not to risk his life for her. See what you have done to yourself because of me! Leave me alone! He asks her if she is blind. Such wounds don’t pain me. You can only see the outside pain but you cannot see how pained / worried / scared I am from inside seeing you land in any trouble. I fear losing you again! I have waited for 2 years for you to see you back on your feet, with me again but you are bent upon going away since the day you have come back. Am I so bad that she cannot even bear me being around you? She hugs him and apologizes to him. Vyom calms down. Sharanya says I still haven’t given up maybe because of a friend like you. If you will be with me then I will remember all those past years for sure! Vyom hugs her back. The ghost stares at them angrily as they part.


Ek Deewaana Tha 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharanya shouts noticing some eyes in the rear view mirror. Vyom gets distracted because of it and the steering sways. Vyom falls down from the car and gets badly hurt. Sharanya shouts his name as the door closes on its own.

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