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Ek Deewana Tha 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Sharanya Compels Shiv To Trust Vyom


Ek Deewana Tha 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 12th March 2018 Episode Start With The lady asks Rajan why he isn’t killing her. Why did you keep me alive? Rajan says this is what I cannot do. The swiss knife falls from his hands. They both fight for it. She ends up keeping the swiss knife around her neck and asks him to sit in front of her. He complies. She asks him why he kept her alive over all these years. You aren’t that foolish. Did you keep me alive to hide your guilt or have you hidden some secret from others? It is your hobby to hide secrets, people and dead bodies! Suvarna Kapoor is not an easy secret to hide. Everything will be over when time will turn around! Come to the point. Where is my son? Is he alive or did you kill him too?

Shiv is walking on the road thinking about Sharanya’s words and Vyom’s apology. Sharanya calls out to Shiv. She is about to be hit by the car but the driver stops it in time. He scolds her for not being careful. Sharanya walks up to Shiv. Shiv says I am that lover who cannot become your shield in any of your problems! I can only try to show you the right way but I cannot do anything if you don’t wish to see it. She asks him what he is saying so and why is he crying. Why did you leave from there like that? Shiv says it is because the one who was your culprit till yesterday is now a victim for you! She speaks in Vyom’s favour but he asks her if she can find answers to the questions

Rajan begins to speak when Suvarna warns him not to forget who she is. Don’t lie. He tells her to curse him if that makes her happy. She laughs. Seems like you have begun to get the results of your bad karmas. You will get the full result real soon! Rajan says hope it happens soon. I am so tired! I am done! I cannot play this bloodied game anymore! I will finish all this very soon. the one who deserves to be punished will be punished. If your God wont do justice then I will! I will do justice! I am done with this! He takes the swiss knife from her hand and opens her chains. You are free now. You can go anywhere you wan tto. He folds his hands before her. I promise whatever wrong has been done to you, your husband, your son and your family will be set right. I am ready to bear my punishment. Just forgive me.

Shiv cries helplessly. I came back from death but I wont be able to do anything. Nothing will happen! She cups her hands around his face and they bump their head closer to each other. Do you remember anything? Shiv says you remember only that what you forget.

Shiv asks Sharanya if she is done. People will think we are mad. She does not mind. We are mad for each other. Take a deep breath and give me all your tensions and problems. Take my trust and love. Don’t you trust me? He calls her mad. I trust you more than myself. I sometimes feel as if I came between you and Vyom. She explains that Vyom is her friend, her happiness whereas you are my love, my life. I knew that Vyom loves me and he will be hurt after knowing the truth. He still accepted it as he knows it is important for me. I don’t have a reason to not trust him. Forget it and takes deep breath. A basketball hits Shiv. Sharanya asks Vyom what if Shiv got hurt. Vyom challenges Shiv in his game. He is a champion. I want to defeat him in his game only! Sharanya calls him mad. He agrees. I am mad for you. You are giving importance to Shiv as he is an orphan and poor. Shiv tells him he was quiet till date as he thought something else but the truth turned out to be something else. I wont sit quietly anymore. Could you not find another game than this? Are you mad? Vyom says I am indeed mad. Let’s see who wins this game of madness. They both get ready for the match. Sharanya wishes both of them good luck. Vyom asks Shiv what the plan is. Shiv says the plan is to play but I don’t think you will be able to even to take the ball from me. Vyom tries but fails.

Sharanya says I took all your pain. Just take my faith. Shiv tells her it isn’t easy to trust Vyom.

Sharanya asks Vyom why and what he is doing. Vyom says I want to check how capable the one is who stole my love. Shiv tells him to focus on his victory. Vyom says I won the day Sharanya came in my life. I just want you to realise your defeat. Let’s play. Shiv scores a point. Vyom stands still. Shiv advises him to think well before challenging next time. He hands over the ball to Vyom who runs and scores a point. Vyom says game wasn’t over. You were leaving the game abruptly. I just made use of it. You just don’t need skills but brains too in the game. You got Sharanya’s love while I got her friendship. Neither of us won today. Friendship has won. He extends his hand towards Sharanya who happily holds it.

Sharanya tells Shiv he trusted Vyom back then. just trust Vyom once for my sake. Shiv asks her if it will change anything. Sharanya says we have hurt him a lot already. Trust him for my sake. Vyom hears them from a distance. It means that this Shiv still does not trust me. I have to win his trust somehow.

Sharanya asks Shiv to give one chance to Shiv. Shiv senses that someone is listening to them. Vyom steps in front of Sharanya pretending to look for her. Sharanya takes Shiv’s name. Vyom suggests Shiv to be his friend. I wanted this back in college also and today too! I need your friendship. He holds Sharanya’s hand asking her to tell this to Shiv. Sharanya tells Shiv she is giving a chance to Vyom. I trust him. Wont you give me your trust?

Similar scene is shown in the basketball courtyard in flashback.

Sharanya smiles as Shiv keeps his hand on top of Vyom and Sharanya. Sharanya nods at Vyom who smiles. You don’t know that your biggest weakness here is to have faith in Sharanya and it is my biggest strength! You are gone Shiv!

Suvarna wears her chains again and smiles. Rajan asks her about it. Suvarna asks him if he thought that he will be free from his sins by setting her free. No! You separated me from my son and have snatched my husband from me! Now only my son will come here and free me! Rajan looks at her in shock.

Shiv thinks he does not feel like trusting Vyom. Is this restlessness because of this friendship or does something still needs to be fixed?


Ek Deewana Tha 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajan tells Vyom he cannot let anyone punish my wife for your wrongdoings. I had to file a missing report for Sadhvi ji. Sharanya asks Inspector since when is Sadhvi ji missing. Inspector tells her. Vyom ends up asking Sharanya about the message sent to her by Sadhvi ji about something in particular. Shiv immediately asks Sharanya how Vyom knows about that message. Sharanya looks at Vyom in shock / confusion.

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