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Ek Deewana Tha 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Vyom Lays Trap For Madhvi


Ek Deewana Tha 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 14th March 2018 Episode Start With Madhvi asks Inspector why he isn’t ready to believe that he only killed everyone. Why don’t you understand? Inspector asks her if she understands the meaning of what she is saying. You are admitting committing all those crimes! She thinks of when Vyom had killed Shiv and insists that she only killed Shiv. Inspector says you will be hanged for this crime. Madhvi replies that it should have happened long ago.

Inspector asks Rajan to bring some proof to prove his wife innocent. I have now started to believe that she only is responsible behind Sadhvi ji’s disappearance. You must do something quick if you want to save her. Rajan and Madhvi look at each other. Inspector leaves.

Rajan tells Madhvi he will tell police everything. She asks him what good will it do. You have already trapped Vyom by filing this missing report. He tells her he cannot live without her. She tells him she cannot live without Vyom. I will die if anything happens to him! Rajan holds her. Madhvi adds that it was bound to happen one day. When a broken heart curses then it shakes even the biggest mountains! Suvarna died but her curse is still alive. Rajan thinks how to tell her that Suvarna is still very much alive.

Sharanya says I cannot believe who I should trust. Shiv says you just heard Vyom and his explanations. It is ok to trust him but don’t trust him blindly. She says I am not doing that. I know I only always blamed Vyom but he has been proving my words a lie always. I am sure he will have a justification for Sadhvi ji’s disappearance too. Only those who are right can give justifications. I am on a crossroad one more time. One side, it is love and another side, it is friendship!

Shiv asks Sharanya if she ignored her lover’s voice for her friend. She declines. You know how close Vyom and I are. I cannot see him like this. Shiv advises her to be Vyom’s friend and make him understand that you are still his friend. He would understand one day. She is surprised that he has no objection with her friendship with Vyom. He reasons that there is no place for doubt in love. She thanks him for understanding her and hugs him. They both say I love you to each other. Vyom sees them from far. Does she now need Shiv’s permission to be friends with me? Was our friendship this weak? No problem. This friendship will survive and will very soon turn into love too!

Sharanya asks Shiv to show her the way. Vyom hears her from outside and is irked that she always seeks Shiv’s help. Why is the ghost here? He should go away and let me live in peace. Sharanya too does not trust me. I don’t know what to do.

Sharanya asks Shiv to trust her best friend once again. Shiv says I trusted him but I only got cheated in return. I don’t want you to meet the same fate. You gave me a choice that day. It is my turn today. You can either trust Vyom or me! Shiv leaves. Sharanya shouts after him. Don’t go. Listen to me atleast. Vyom wonders what that ghost said that Sharanya is so worried. He gets Freddy’s call. Shiv’s spirit is still roaming here as he still doubts you. He will leave earth when he will believe that you are his killer. We must devise a plan fast. Odhni asks him what he is saying. Who are you talking to? Freddy lies that there is no network. He asks Odhni if Shiv’s spirit will keep roaming like this only if he wont leave till his revenge isn’t complete. It should be his wish. There is one solution though. If Sharanya does Shiv’s last rites then he will leave have to leave the world! He wont be able to return even if he would want to! He will have to leave! Vyom hears it and mentally tells Sharanya to get ready to bid adieu to Shiv!

Shiv is sitting by the lake. What do you want? If my reason for being here is complete then why am I not at peace?

Suvarna throws mud on Rajan. I warned you that your life will be ruined because of my curse! See, it has happened. You are away from your son and wife today! It is a happy day for me. Join me. She rubs dirt / mud all over his hands. I don’t have gulal but it is Holi for me today! It will by my Diwali the day you will all die! He folds his hands before her seeking her apology. He even kneels down before her. Suvarna agrees to forgive him and keeps a condition. Return my son to me! Will you return my husband to me?

Shiv says if Sharanya is safe then why I am still stuck in this world. Why are there still questions and darkness all around me? Why am I still here? Show me some way! Bubbles form in the water.

Suvarna laughs / cries. Rajan stands up and walks out from there helplessly. Shiv is sitting right beside the lake when Rajan walks past him. He notices someone leaving.

Suvarna looks at the window. Who is there? She leans closer and looks out of the window. Who is sitting outside? She shouts in pain. Shiv hears her voice but does not see her as she bends down. He looks at the setting sun. He leaves thinking about Sharanya. Suvarna gets up and does not see anyone. He left! My voice will still be unheard today!

Shiv sees the bubbles in the water. He looks at the sun. I still dint find any of my answers here today. He leaves. Suvarna is crying.

Inspector calls out to Vyom. Vyom asks him who called him here again. Sharanya says I did. She tells Inspector to check the entire house. He might find some clue. Vyom panics but Sharanya takes police with her. Rajan smiles seeing it. Police team checks every room. Rajan says your wife has decided that she does not trust you. She brought police home. What you couldn’t do in 3 days, my DIL did it in a day! You have a childhood habit of hiding the evidences in home. They will be found now and Madhvi will be free. Your game will be up! Sadly, you chose this girl over your mother and that girl chose to not trust you! Police will now find all the proofs. You will be in jail and my wife will be free! Vyom says I am really scared. Who will save mom now? I hid everything in mom’s room! How could I keep it in my room as Sharanya is there? Your love couldn’t save mom but Sharanya saved me! Mom wont be able to come out in this birth! Loving someone, living it and crossing all the limits in love can only be understood by a lover!

Rajan stops Inspector for searching his house without a warrant. He looks at the warrant while Vyom relaxes on the swing. Rajan suggests Inspector to check somewhere else. We had nothing to do with Sadhvi ji. He questions Sharanya as to who asked her to bring police here. They have come to the wrong place. Inspector tells him to step aside and heads upstairs. Sharanya looks at Rajan in confusion. Vyom thinks mom got stuck in the war between son and husband. No one can save her now.


Ek Deewana Tha 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharanya asks Madhvi about Sadhvi ji. What did you do to her? Madhvi ji replies that she is still alive but Shiv tells Sharanya that Sadhvi ji is no more. Her body is in the lake. Madhvi ji knows nothing about it as it isn’t she who killed her. It is Vyom only who killed Sadhvi ji! Sharanya looks at Vyom.

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