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Ek Deewana Tha 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Past Meets Present


Ek Deewana Tha 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 16th April 2018 Episode Start With Director announces that they will start the shoot in 5 minutes but KK cancels the shoot. Director questions him. That girl is watching it from far. KK spots that girl hiding behind something and remembers the portrait. Those eyes cannot be just my illusion! Director keeps asking KK why he is doing this. What’s bothering him?

KK takes him aside. What’s my name? Director tells him. KK asks him why people hire him. Director praises him but KK tells him some other logic. How many people are here? What if someone records it and tells the world that I don’t do my stunts on my own? The girl records everything on her camcorder. I will reveal your truth to everyone! KK advises to send the extra people out of here and take everyone’s phones. Akash seconds him. Director is irked with KK.

He does not know anything but has so many tantrums. I will shoot myself once the shoot is over. KK’s spot boy (Tiger) gets a call from his wife. He tells KK that his wife is ill and runs out. KK rues that he is surrounded by donkeys.

Shivani’s hands are tied. Madhvi tells Rajan she is very much afraid. Rajan tells her everything is going smoothly. It is such a big day for Shivani. She is so happy. The shooting starts. That girl is recording everything. Madhvi asks Rajan about the harness and ropes. Does it not show on tv? He replies that it is taken out by editing. It does not show on screen. KK notices that girl recording everything. He remembers the eyes of the portrait that he drew last night. Shivani shouts for her hero as per her lines. KK is distracted by the girl. It is the same eyes and face! It is my illusion!

Everyone asks him if he is fine. He nods but he is too lost. The scene records fine this time. That girl is recording everything so she can reveal KK’s truth to the world. One goon is thrown towards the cartons where she is hiding and she stands up. Her stole is blown away by the wind. Shivani keeps saying her lines. Sharanya’s look alike starts running. She shouts as all the heavy props are about to fall on top of her. Krish holds off the load with his back and his positioned are hands carefully around her so as to save her. Flashes from the past are shown as they look at each other.

Director ends the shoot and asks someone to save KK. KK and Sharanya’s look alike keep looking at each other. The past flashes in the background. KK is having a hard time holding back the shelves. He uses his entire strength to push them back in one go shocking Sharanya’s look alike. His nose begins to bleed and he passes out right in front of her. She rushes to him (their first accidental meeting is shown in the background). Madhvi and Rajan also run towards KK. They help him sit. KK holds his head and assures everyone he is fine. Sharanya’s look alike thanks her. Madhvi and Rajan are stunned to see her. They recall how Sharanya had died. How can it be?

KK asks her who she is. Does anyone know who she is? Akash steps forward. I know who she is. Their past moments are shown.


Ek Deewana Tha 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap  :Madhvi tells Suvarna they brought Shivani from there thinking that she is Sharanya but it isn’t true. She begins to hit and strange Suvarna. Rajan stops her. This woman will become our shield now! KK is standing outside the door.

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