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Ek Deewana Tha 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Shiv Spies On Rajan And Madhvi


Ek Deewana Tha 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 19th March 2018 Episode Start With Rajan is upset with everyone for eating breakfast calmly while Madhvi is sitting in jail all hungry. Chandni enjoys teasing Rajan indirectly. Servant gives a tiffin to Rajan for Madhvi but he throws it away after knowing that Sharanya has made it. It is better to give poison to Madhvi instead! She is the reason for all our problems. She is cooking for her after sending my wife to jail! Vyom tells him he cannot speak to Sharanya like that. Rajan advises him to stay out of this matter. You have become her tail!

Shiv says the father who could do anything for his son is scolding him today like anything. Rajan loves Madhvi very much. He knows she is innocent yet she is in jail which is why he is angry. Vyom does not seem to care at all. He is in fact so much at peace. Sharanya denies. You can only see what you want to. Shiv reasons that he can see what she is not seeing. Rajan is cooking for his wife right now. Rajan shouts as he hurts himself. Sharanya offers to help him but he refuses. I will eat her while my wife is in jail? Don’t call me Dad ever again! Don’t try to join relations by force when we know you have come to destroy us here! She says it isn’t so. Why do you say so?

Rajan says I am only repeating Madhvi’s words. She tells him to say whatever he wants to but the truth will remain the same. Madhvi aunty killed my papa and so many innocent people! Rajan asks her if this is what she thinks about Madhvi. You think you are smart but you are a fool! You don’t even know what all is going on in the house. My son has given you way too much freedom. You cannot control us like that! She again tells him she isn’t trying to do anything like that. He asks her who she is to decide that. You cannot even determine that Madhvi hasn’t done anything! Vyom tells his father to control and takes Sharanya inside. Rajan angrily shouts at them to get out.

Vyom asks Sharanya why she is crying. I know everyone in the house is worried. Don’t take dad’s words to your heart. I apologize on his behalf. She replies that she understands. Vyom apologizes to her profusely. Please don’t cry. He hugs her. Shiv walks away. Vyom takes her inside. Chandni asks Rati what is happening. Sharanya wanted to send Vyom to jail till yesterday. It seems so different today. Who is fooling whom? Shiv says Chandni is wrong but she is making sense. Vyom is taking advantage of Sharanya but she is unable to understand it.

Madhvi feeds Rajan. The food is really bad. Rajan nods. it is a bit different today. She sweetly complains about it. He calls it tasty. She knows he is saying so as he has made it. Only you can make such bad food. You even hurt your finger while cooking. She kisses on his hand emotionally. Rajan is in tears. She says it is way better than the food served in jail. Chef might be bad but you are the best husband in the world. You just cannot become a better father.

Shiv says if madhvi is beind all this and Vyom is innocent then why would Rajna say so. Sharanya reasons that he is upset right now. we must not misinterpret his words. Shiv senses that someone is coming towards the room. Vyom!

Madhvi is sure Vyom will do something like he said. Rajan asks her if she is assuring herself or explaining this to him. Vyom is our son. As a father, I will not look away from him. I will do whatever I can do to save him but I am feeling really strange. I feel as if our Vyom’s end is near. Madhvi tells him not to say so.

Shiv tells a plan to Sharanya. You should do as I say. Pretend that I am here only and keep Vyom busy. Sharanya asks him why but he asks about Rajan. She tells him that he has gone to jail to meet Madhvi. He decides to go to jail to overhear their convo. One of them has killed me. I can do this much atleast. Vyom enters and apologizes on his father’s behalf. Shiv tells Sharanya to keep Vyom diverted like this only. I will be back soon.

Rajan tells Madhvi about the lake where Vyom dumped Sadhvi’s dead body. We also got caught. madhvi says so many old, bitter memories are attached to that house. We have been so bad with Suvarna and her family. I believe it is her curse which is

Suvarna looks at her son’s photo. You snatched everything from me. You committed a very big mistake by leaving my alive. I will see your downfall with my own eyes! She caresses her son’s photo and strong wind begins to blow. Suvarna gets up with a start and looks around. I have nothing to lose but you have your life, your family. This storm is saying that destruction isn’t far. Time will change and my wait will be over. You have kept me here in this hideout away from the world but the world will know our secret real soon!

Vyom apologizes to Shiv too for his father’s behaviour. He asks Sharanya if Shiv is here. She nods and points behind Vyom. Vyom intentionally asks Shiv about a fight that happened between them during college time. He asks Sharanya to find out from Shiv. She fumbles. Vyom easily catches her lie. How would he tell when he isn’t here? Am I right? Sharanya looks at him in shock.

Madhvi tells Rajan that Sharanya is right. Vyom also told me that Shiv’s spirit is wandering in the world. He stays amongst us only. I feel he wont leave the world till he gets his culprit, i.e., our son punished! How will we fight a spirit? How will we save Vyom from him?

Vyom asks Sharanya why she is lying to him. Did he go to spy? What should I do? I couldn’t gain your trust. Mom and Dad stopped trusting me. Now you too do not trust me! What should I do that we become best friends again? He thinks he knows where Shiv would be right now.

Madhvi wonders what would happen when he would know. I am afraid. Rajan gets Vyom’s message telling him not to say anything further. Shiv is around you and listening to your conversation. He looks at Madhvi.


Ek Deewana Tha 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Vyom asks Shiv how he will keep Shiv away from that cabin. Is there something in or about that cabin? If yes, then you must keep him away from it. Rajan advises Vyom to make arrangements to send Shiv back if he is indeed here or he will create a very big problem for them!

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