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Ek Deewana Tha 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sharanya And Vyom Get Married!


Ek Deewana Tha 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ek Deewana Tha 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Vyom and Sharanya stand in a circle of fire. His hands are tied by a chain. Many Aghori’s are standing just outside the circle of fire. Sharanya says you fought with God and the world for me! You fought with yourself every day so you could win my heart. How can you lose out to this spirit then? You cannot let anyone come between us!

You will have to fight Vyom! You will have to win. We will have to win. Vyom is having trouble breathing. Save me. Sharanya tells him he has to win! We have to win. Vyom shouts. The spirit leaves his body. Vyom falls down. Sharanya looks at the sun and walks up to him. She calls his name. It is time when we have to become one. This is what you wanted. You will have to win over this spirit today so our love does not lose! Get up Vyom. We will have to marry. We haveto win. Get up Vyom! He seems to pass out.

Sadhvi ji is praying for Sharanya and Vyom.

Sharanya lights a stick. She keeps Vyom’s head in her lap. We cannot lose Vyom. Get up. It is about time. We have to marry. Please get up. We have very less time. He extends his hand towards her. She helps him stand. She holds out her hand for him and he keeps his in hers. Everyone is standing outside the circle including Shiv. Vyom says all the vows to her. I promise not to lie to you ever. I wont hide any truth from you. Secondly, love binds two families. I promise to take care of your family along with mine.

Mr. Bisht is limping.

Vyom promises to live this relation fully. Fourthly, I will make you my friend before wife. Mr. Bisht is very near. He extends his hand towards Sharanya but it disappears when she looks in that direction. Shiv is withdrawing a step as Vyom takes a vow.

Vyom promises to not let a tear come in Sharanya’s eyes. I will keep every pain away from you. Your wish will be my command. Seventh, I promise to be near you always. No one else will come close to me apart from you. My wife, lover and friend are you only. This life is nothing without you! Shiv is standing at a far corner by now. Vyom adds that this relation is very important for him. I promise to love you all my life. I will even come back for this love if I am back. One Aghori tells him to fill Sharanya’s hairline before solar eclipse happens. Vyom fills her hairline. She looks at the sky. We don’t have time. Hurry up. Mrs. Bisht asks Aditya about the mangalsutra. Rajan throws it at Vyom. Vyom puts it around Sharanya’s neck and hugs her. Solar eclipse starts just then. Aghori tells them that the spirit lost before their love. You married before solar eclipse. Everyone looks relieved except Madhvi. You are husband and wife now. You don’t have to fear this solar eclipse anymore. This darkness will bring a new light for you. Vyom says it was bound to happen as my wife is with me now. They share a hug. Shiv watches them from far.

Freddy and Odhni have been arrested. Inspector says I will ask Bedi what we have to do to these samples if the wedding has happened. Odhni taunts him back. Freddy tells her to relax but she says it is ok. She is worried as to what Rajan will do. Spies do so much in films. You are useless!

Rajan applauds Sharanya for defeating a spirit! Unbelievable! Sharanya thanks the Aghori / Guru ji. This wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t here. All the Aghori’s leave. Rati calls her special. You saved Vyom without worrying about yourself. Now I am sure no harm can come on him as you are very special. Vidyut nods. I always knew she was special. We are lucky that she became a part of our family. Rati looks away. Rajan tells Madhvi she almost killed Sharanya! Madhvi leaves from there without a word. Rajan tells Sharanya her love won. Vyom says we only made a deal. Thank you for saving my life. Love will happen slowly now. Sharanya asks her mother about her father. I felt as if I heard his voice. Mrs. Bisht says he would have been right here if he was here. Just think that you have his blessings. I don’t know why he hasn’t reached yet. Rajan also asks the same question.

Mr. Bisht is body being dragged. He has a knife stabbed on one side.

Vyom is on call with someone. He puts the call on loudspeaker. A guy tells about a landslide because of which there the roads are blocked. Vyom insists he needs to speak to Mr. Bisht. What’s your team doing? Why don’t you do something yourself? Sharanya tells him to relax. He speaks calmly to the officer then. Sharanya assures him that her father will come soon. We fought with one problem. We will face all the others this way only and win also! She wishes Mr. Bisht comes soon. I am scared Papa. I miss you and I love you very much. Please come soon.

Shayari –
Saanson ka sannata yu hu hi badhta jayega
Dheere dheere har rishta tujhse dur ho jayega
Tum rasmon ki dori chadh kar yun hi mujh se juda ho jaogi
Aur mera ye pagalpan yu hi badhta jayega


Ek Deewana Tha 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Reception ceremony / celebrations are on in Bedi House. Odhni comes there in a disguise but Rajan identifies her. She collides with a table while running. Mr. Bisht’s body falls down Everyone rushes to him.

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